Hello Lovely Souls,

I have strong signs to take up a spiritual career. However, I am not getting clarity on what. What course should I take…How I should train…how I can serve? How can I get this? My internal search is not revealing.

Love to all of you and great job


Hola Babs

Archangel Gabriel is definitely the Archangel to ask for help when it comes to life purpose and clarity! Sit quietly and ask “how may I be of service?” then wait for the signs to appear – the perfect teacher for you, the perfect course and so on. What makes your heart sing is a guide to what you are meant to be here doing! What are you passionate about? What do you love? Start really feeling into it, the doors will open for you easily if it is part of your sacred contract/life purpose. Remember when the time is right all will become clear, TRUST the universe and your Angels to guide you. Good luck on your new spiritual chapter! 


Penny Wing
Master Teacher 
Diana Cooper Foundation