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The children of today are more aware, psychic, spiritual, gifted and high energy than they have been before. Many are more right brain orientated. The right brain is responsible for originality, creativity, imagination, rhythm, song, artistic ability, spiritual connection and an open heart. Where societies focus on the development of the right brain, caring, empathy, trust, nurturing and inclusivity is encouraged and valued.
The current structure of our society encourages left-brain learning which is logical, linear, rational, scientific, mathematical and computer-orientated. It expects youngsters to study other people’s ideas. Because of the emphasis on rules and orders, sensitive children often feel stifled and may become depressed or rebellious.

Because they are sensitive they sense or see the spiritual worlds and some do not know how to talk about this.
Some are ungrounded, dreamy, unfocussed, seemingly inattentive or hyperactive.

It is my hope and intention that this Children’s Corner will:
offer spiritual and emotional ways to enable your children to deal with life
give suggestions to develop their amazing potential
help them relax and express their creativity, find their talents and their true selves
teach them to ground and protect themselves
introduce them to the realms beyond the physical, spirits, angels, fairies, elementals, unicorns.
Carol de Vasconcelos one of the most respected teachers of the Diana Cooper School is also a crystal therapist and she suggests appropriate crystals that can be used to help children. Carol’s website address is
It is the responsibility of parents to protect their children psychically and teach them about the spiritual worlds and we offer ideas and methods to do this.




Children who are bullied have broken auras because of insecurity, lack of confidence and self worth or fear. They are often vulnerable as a result of their parents’ fears. Children who have clear boundaries, confidence and self worth do not give out signals which attract bullies.
Bullies too are vulnerable and feel powerless. They express their feelings of inadequacy by picking on those who are weaker. Spiritually bullies and bullied are opposite sides of the same coin, with the same underlying fear.
The first priority is to protect the child who is being bullied and is in emotional or physical danger. Children who are abused or bullied must always be encouraged to speak up for themselves.


Many years ago a lady told me that her ten year old daughter was being bullied at school. As a mother she worried about her all the time. The ten year old was a sensitive child and the mother’s powerful grey worry energy pierced her aura and filled it with fear, opening her up to more bullying.
I asked the mother to sit down three times a day and ask Archangel Michael to protect the little girl, then to surround her aura with a blue light and to picture this as clearly as she could. Then I suggested she went out shopping or saw friends but did not think about her daughter. This was to give the angels a chance to do their job.
She did as I asked. Ten days later I saw the mother with the child skipping happily along beside her. I enquired how things were going and the child said cheerfully that the bully had suddenly left the school. The angels were able to protect the child in a way that the mother could not have imagined.


How parents can help a child who is being bullied
1. If a child knows that an adult will protect them this makes them feel safe and reflects in their aura. Strengthen yourself so that your child knows you are a lion or a tigress for their protection.
2. If a child knows it can protect itself, this becomes an energy in the aura and no bully will touch him. My brother was very small and bullies from another school always pushed him and threw his cap in the ditch on the way home from school. My parents sent him for boxing classes. Clearly he couldn’t defend himself against all those kids but a new empowered energy entered his aura and from the first boxing lesson those boys never touched him again.
3.Take all the physical actions you need to in order to protect your child, working with the school if this is where bullying takes place.
4.As in the story above ask Archangel Michael to put his deep blue cloak of protection around the child. If the child is old enough teach them to do this for themselves.
5.Smoothing and healing a child’s aura ensures that the fear or negativity of others is not absorbed. To do this the adult rubs their hands together then strokes round the child’s aura about 2” or 5cms from the body to smooth it over and heal any broken parts. It helps to ask the angels to work through your hands and also to imagine golden light filling the child’s aura.
6.Place the child’s name or picture on an Orb of Archangel Michael for protection and strength
7.Place the child’s name or picture on an Orb of Archangel Uriel for confidence.
These Orbs are in the Orb Card pack
8. Clear Quartz and Hematite offer protection and strength.


A lady told me that she had three foster children. They were all nervous and anxious about going to school. They would dawdle and leave the house very unwillingly. One day the foster mother bought the Children’s Angel Cards and started to let the children pick one each morning.
As they read their cards each morning the three children started to realise that they had an angel to protect them, that they were loved, that they were special and with this came a huge burst of confidence and self worth. Soon after they started choosing a Children’s Angel Card each morning all three of them were going off happily and confidently to school.


To build a child’s confidence
1.Never criticise and only re-inforce their strengths and gifts.
2.Listen to them without judgement.
3.Build your own confidence for they will be picking up cues about life from you.
4.Talk to them about the angels and let them choose a Children’s Angel card daily
5.Teach them how to breathe properly because shallow breathing can induce anxiety and deeper breathing helps confidence. See Calmness and Relaxation.
6.Tarzan used to thump his chest and there is a reason for this. Thumping the thymus gland helps the immune system and so strengthens the aura and therefore the confidence of the child. Teach your child to thump their chest and say, ‘I am confident.’ Do it with your child and make it a fun practice.
7.If a child is tiptoeing through life or round a person or situation, they may literally walk on tiptoe and will feel anxious. To be grounded they need to walk with their heels on the ground. If this applies a bit of fun marching will help them to feel confident.
8.If a child often hears their name said in an angry way they grow up thinking that they are bad and their life path will be hard. However, if you say a child’s name lovingly it profoundly affects the way they feel and see the world, so that they expect to be liked and respected.
9.Place the child’s name or photograph on an Orb of Archangel Uriel for confidence and the angelic energy will help them.


So many children are anxious and stressed and they can never fulfil their potential or truly enjoy their childhood. A child who learns to be calm and relaxed can concentrate better, absorb information more easily and be more creative. Furthermore when a child is relaxed they make a clearer connection with their angels who can help them. A calm, relaxed child is more popular, happier, more objective and succeeds more easily.
Children need good natural food. They are coping with toxins in the air, in food and junk food which are stressing them by overloading their delicate immune systems.
Children need to exercise in fresh air, out in nature. The children of today need this more than ever to burn off their high energy. Nature purifies the aura and grounds us.

Shallow breathing induces anxiety, while breathing in a more relaxed and deeper way helps children to feel calm. Teach children to put their hands on their rib cage and breathe deeply in so that the cage goes out like bellows and then to squeeze the breath out. Make it fun.
Peace breathing – place one hand on the tummy and one on the chest. Breathe half a breath into the tummy so that it rises like a balloon and the other half into the chest. Then breathe out of the chest followed by the tummy. This helps you feel calm.

2.Using imagination to help a child relax
Most children have wonderful imaginations. They can picture frightening things which stress them or peaceful things. Tell them stories which take them on peaceful inner journeys where they meet kind helpful people, or angels or fairies or dragons.
If they want to close their eyes that is fine and you can start the story by suggesting something like. ‘Imagine you are floating down a river in a big safe boat on a sunny day and can feel the sun warming you. You can see the fairy that is looking after you as the boat moves towards fairyland……’
Or ‘Smell the flowers as you walk slowly down a grassy slope ……you can hear the birds singing and one swoops down in front of you and drops a letter at your feet…… it is an invitation to……’

Placing a rose  quartz in the bath water about 10 min before bathing and leaving it in will add to relaxation of a child.

A grounded child is automatically more calm and relaxed because they are supported by Mother Earth and nature. See Grounding.


1.When a child is relaxing they can use their mind to visualise success and they will succeed.
2.They can picture themselves having good relationships.
3.They can use the creative power of their minds more easily.
4.They can concentrate and learn more easily.
5. They can think laterally and find new solutions.


Children who are dreamy, anxious, hyperactive, autistic or find it hard to concentrate are ungrounded. If their spirits cannot get fully into their bodies they may feel sick or have headaches. In order to fully experience the joy of life on Earth we need to be totally present and earthed. Here are some things that will help.


I knew a child who was often ungrounded. She was dreamy, anxious, often rude because she couldn’t understand life on Earth and was defending herself by pushing people away. She often felt sick, dizzy or had headaches. My guide suggested that I put her photograph on Orbs of Archangel Sandalphon to ground her and Archangel Jophiel to open her crown chakra and align it with her Higher Self. I did this and the change in the child was amazing. She became calmer as she became more grounded and started to relax and make friends at school.
There are Orbs of Archangels Sandalphon and Jophiel in the Orb Cards pack.


1.Walk in nature
In ancient times monks would walk for three miles a day to ground themselves so that they could carry out their spiritual work safely.
It is really helpful for high frequency children to walk every day, preferably where there are trees and grass. Travelling in a car, plane or train is ungrounding as you have no connection with earth.
2.Stand or walk with bare feet on the earth
3.Crystals – Hematite or black obsidian will help to ground a child.
4.Food helps to ground a child. An empty stomach means a child is more likely to feel sick, dizzy or floating.


1.A child who is grounded can concentrate better, so see Grounding.
2.A child who is relaxed can concentrate better, so see Calmness and Relaxation.
3.A child who is refreshed by good sleep can concentrate better, so see Deep Relaxed Sleep.
4.If a child is stressed it is much harder for them to read. Ask their Guardian Angel to enfold them and calm them when they start to read, so that the child can relax and do their best.
5.A yellow citrine or amethyst crystal can help a child to concentrate.


Children have wonderful imaginations and ability to expand beyond the ordinary.
1.Fairies, who are air elementals, help to inspire creativity. Ask a child to tune into the fairy wavelength and ask for new ideas and you may be surprised at the originality that comes through.
2.Wearing orange can inspire creativity.
3.A carnelian crystal can help to bring creative ideas forward.
4.Honouring your child by listening to them and validating their experiences encourages them to become more creative.


Here are suggestions to help, starting with the very basic and obvious.
1.Use up their high energy with games, exercise and activity, especially out in nature.
2.Make sure they are grounded. See Grounding.
3.Listen to their needs and interests and engage with them.
4.Help them to connect with the unicorns. Place a photograph or the name of the child onto a unicorn Orb.
5.Keep the energy of the home as high as possible.

Many of these are high frequency children who cannot cope with the low frequency of Earth, so they withdraw part of their soul energy.
1.The unicorns can help them to feel safer and ground some of that energy again. Place a photograph or the name of the child onto a unicorn Orb.
2.Keep the energy of the home as high as possible. Beautiful music, flowers and love help this.


It is during sleep that we tidy the cupboards of our mind and put everything in the right place and into perspective. Our spirit also leaves our body and makes its spiritual connections during this time. This is why good relaxed sleep is so important.
1.A quiet and regular bedtime routine is very helpful for a child to get to sleep as it makes them feel safe.
2.A warm relaxed bath is helpful, especially if you bless the water.
3.An interesting bedtime story can send the child safely to sleep
4. Carol de Vasconcelos says that in her experience using rose quartz and blue lace agate together when a child goes to sleep assists with peaceful sleep and relaxation and balance, for example you can grid the cot or bed by placing a rose quartz and a blue lace agate on opposite ends of the bed.

If your child has unresolved fears, a trauma in this life or a past life or is psychically open to spirits they may have nightmares. Here are some suggestions and a couple of stories that may help.
A little girl was getting to sleep but screaming, ‘Go away,’ in her sleep and trying to push people away that no one else could see. Her parents knew that she was very psychically open and sensitive, so that the spirits of dead people were coming to her for help but she was terrified. This stopped when they placed Archangel Michael’s cloak round her every night and asked her dragon to protect her. Dragons are very protective, so the parents gave her a little model dragon and explained that it would come to life and look after her while she was asleep.

If your child says that people (spirits) are coming to them in the night, listen to what they tell you. It can be very scary for a child to deal with what is happening in a dimension you can’t see. Here are some suggestions of things you can do. Make sure the child knows you are doing it.
1.Seal the child’s aura with your hands.
2.Ask Archangel Michael to protect the child and place his deep blue cloak of protection around it. Both you and the child can picture this.
3.Tell the child’s guide that these spirits do not have permission to visit and you want it to stop.
4.Introduce your child to its dragon and ask it to protect the child from these spirits.
5.Introduce your child to its unicorn and ask it to take the child into the spiritual realms as soon as they fall asleep.
6.Make sure the child’s room is cleansed and protected – see Cleansing and Protecting your Child’s space.
7.If you know or suspect that your child is being visited by a loved one in spirit, explain this to your child. Your child may then relax and be pleased to meet this spirit. If not ask the spirit of the loved one to leave until your child is old enough to accept them.
8.Bless a dreamcatcher and place it over your child’s bed. Dreamcatchers have been used by Native Indians for centuries and can be very effective.

Story 2
This is a story I heard while in South Africa and I tell it in The Wonder of Unicorns. I have also heard other similar but less traumatic stories which have been helped in the same way.
A little girl of four was totally traumatised by witnessing her elderly grandparents being brutally beaten up by thugs who had broken into their house. The two year old boy slept through the two hour assault but the little girl saw it all and kept crying, ‘Please stop’ The police could not understand why the assailants suddenly left without even stealing anything.
The four year old child was deeply shocked. A year later she wouldn’t sleep in her own bed and had constant nightmares. Her parents took her to the doctor, to psychiatrists, psychologists and healers. Nothing helped. Then the mother bought the unicorn CD. She took it home and that night when she put her daughter to bed, she played it. The child listened to it throughout and then fell into her first deep sleep since the attack. She still insists on it being played every night even though she knows it by heart. Thankfully she is now sleeping throughout the night and in her own bed. She is a happy safe child again.’
Unicorns can and do heal and they have a special affinity with children. If you are interested in learning more here is the url for The Wonder of Unicorns book
and The Wonder of Unicorns CD


So many of the children now are clairvoyant and can see into other dimensions. Others are clairsentient or telepathic and can feel what those around them are feeling or thinking. And yet others are psychic sensitives who pick up everything. The children do not always understand what is happening.
Often these sensitive children are stressed because they are bombarded with energy, for example they go to a shopping centre where there are hundreds of people with different thoughts and feelings. These children feel it all and are overloaded.
Furthermore they are sensitive to the toxins in air and food and become allergic. This can make them feel ill and take their energy, whereas a less sensitive child can cope with them.
1.Always place Archangel Michael’s cloak of protection around them before you go out.
2.Ask Archangel Raphael to help and heal them.
3.Always bless their food and teach them to do this for themselves.
4.There are several exercises that are instructive and fun to help a child to develop their intuition in The Wonder of Unicorns.

Seeing Spirits
Clairvoyant and sensitive children can often see the spirits of the dead. It really is important to listen to what they say. If you dismiss their communications as ‘imagination’ they will either feel you are wrong which means they can’t trust you or that they are wrong which means that they can’t trust themselves. Either way this is scary and they often shut down. It is most important to help these children to stay open to their experiences and become more psychic. We are moving into a future where more people will be in touch with their psychic gifts.
I knew a boy of 10 whose grandfather died. His family did not believe in life after death, so when the child came downstairs two days after his grandfather’s death and saw him sitting in his usual chair, he freaked out. He was severely traumatised and the family and no tools with which to help him or comfort to offer him.

Imaginary friends
These are nearly always spirit children who have come to a child who is psychically open and sensitive. They may be spirit children who miscarried or died young and are growing up with the family in spirit.

Whatever your religious beliefs it is helpful for a child to know that life continues after death, for the spirit is eternal. The baby that is aborted, miscarried, stillborn or child that dies young is growing up in spirit and will often want to play with their brothers and sisters. It is perfectly normal and natural for the spirits of parents, aunts, grandparents and all loved ones to visit those who are still alive.
If a child’s parent dies it is often of immense comfort for the child to know that their spirit will always look after them.


Elementals and angels
If a child talks about fairies, elementals, angels, unicorns or anything you can’t see, recognise they have the ability to tune into realms that you have never accessed. Listen to them with interest and learn from them. Try to tune yourself into their wavelength so that you can communicate with your child.


Although I am a mother and grandmother I still forget the basics and tell my grandchildren how they should do something or how they feel or worse still how they should feel. Nothing is more calculated to make a child feel depressed, misunderstood or plain angry. It disempowers them.
I was staying at my daughter’s house and one of the children had a really successful birthday party. The following morning she refused to put her coat on to go to school. I listened to the conversations.
‘Of course you want to go to school. You’ll have a lovely time.’
‘No I won’t.’
‘But you had a lovely party and all your friends will be there.’
‘I don’t want to go.’
I remembered about the art of listening, so I went up to the child who was sitting half way up the stairs looking obdurate.
I said, ‘You don’t really want to go to school today?’
Her reply. ‘I’m not going.’
Me, trying to understand. ‘It’s hard sometimes to meet people again after you’ve had a specially nice time with them?’
She nods.
Me. ‘Yes it must be difficult for you to go into school and see them again.’
Her reply as she stood up smiling. ‘Pass my coat I’m going to school.’
It took less than two minutes but listening to understand is often like magic.

There is a wonderful book called How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, which I thing will help all adults.


Sensitive children feel negative energy and the fear of adults. They sense stuck energies that may be in the ground your home is built on. This is stressful for a youngster who may not understand the cause of their anxiety. Here are some simple things you can do to help cleanse and protect your space. Of course these suggestions also apply to schools or any buildings.

Cleansing your home
Children love helping with this and sensitive children will immediately feel the change in energy as your home is psychically cleansed. Here are some suggestions. Lots of laughter and fun is also helpful with this.
1.Open the windows so any stuck or negative energy can be released.
2.Remember to call in the angels to help you as you perform the cleansing ritual.
3.An adult can carry a candle which is dedicated to cleansing the space.
4.An adult or older child may waft a joss stick or sage stick in all the corners of each room.
5.Clapping or drumming in all the corners breaks up and releases stuck or negative energy.
6.Playing cymbals or singing bowls or chanting ohm then raises the frequency.
7.A child can sprinkle blessed water round the house. A little ceremony to bless and pray over the water can be done by everyone.

Protecting your home
If your home is protected the negative energy of others, which will affect your child, cannot enter your space.
1.Ask the angel of your home to protect it.
2.Ask Archangel Michael to place his angels round your home.
3.Ask Archangel Sandalphon to place a fifth dimensional bubble over everyone who enters your home.
4.If you believe in crosses, imagine crosses above your home, below it and on each side of it. Otherwise use a symbol you believe in.

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