Hello Diana and Team,

I am Pratibha from India. I would like to get connect with an angels as early as possible. Please will you make me connect with an angels in two way communication. I am in trouble.If possible will you please send me an angels for communicating with me? I even do not have money for learning and healing therapy. Please try to understand my situation. I am having so many problems. I wish to come out of from those trouble soon. For that reason I wish to receive some solutions from an angels. Please help me!!!

Hola Pratibha, sorry to hear you are having a challenging time at the moment. We can all connect with Angels – we don’t need other people to do it for us! Take a deep breath, light a candle and ask for the help that you need – if it is for your highest good your Angels will do their upmost to help you. It is important to keep as positive as possible also so that your auric field is open and you will start to feel the connection. Once you start to surrender to the Universe and start to trust things will change for you I am sure.


Penny Wing
Master Teacher Diana Cooper Foundation