My name is Filipa, I am Portuguese and studied at university level in England, at the present I live in Portugal (Lisbon) and I am looking for work. I would like to know if Diana is coming to Portugal (or Spain) anytime soon because I would like to have a clear idea of my path in life and to open doors for a good job and success. After reading A Little Light on the Spirtual Laws I was fascinated by the spiritual side of life that I feel, I want and must develop. I am currently reading A New Light On Ascension and find Diana’s writing not only inspiring but also clear and logical and thus I would like your guidance to learn more and develop myself.

Thank you!

Best wishes.


Hola Filipa,

Diana has no plans to visit Spain or Portugal in the near future unfortunately. Carry on reading the books, you will get lots of meditations and practical ways in which you can open up spiritually. If you wish to discover your life path I would suggest you meditate and connect with Archangel Gabriel to see if you can receive any insights. Whilst on this planet our attitude is all important so stay positive and send your intention out to the universe that you will find the perfect job which will bring you great abuandance!


Penny Wing
Master Teacher Diana Cooper Foundation