How The Angels Can Help You

How The Angels Can Help You

I am delighted to present my new 7 part online course on:  How the angels can help you

The angels work through me and this is your opportunity to make a deep connection with them. Watch in the comfort of your home for a few minutes each day and remember you can look at each part as often as you want to. This course will change your life for angels can help you in so many ways

Part 1: Meet your Guardian Angel and other angels
  • A simple way to connect with your Guardian Angel and learn how to ask your angels to help others.
Part 2: Angels help you find your heart’s desire

Angels want you to be happy and fulfilled with the relationships, friends, home and job that are right for you. In this part you work with the angels to bring this about.

Part 3: Angels help your relationships

If you are ready to change a relationship or let someone go, learn how the angels can help you. This part includes a powerful visualisation with the angels to transform your relationships.

Do order this online course and let angels become a part of your daily life so you feel safe, happy and attract your heart’s desire.

The full course is approximately one hour long, split into 7 parts which will be e mailed to you over 7 days.

*Once you have registered for the course you will be sent a separate email to confirm your subscription, please ensure you click on this link as you will be charged for the course but will not receive the videos until this has been done. YOUR COURSE WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU THE DAY AFTER YOU HAVE CONFIRMED YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.

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