Hello Ms. Diana Cooper,

I had read all of your German books and tried to make this exercises. But I have got no results until the last 3 Years.

Would you pleas give me some hints, suggestions ore description how I can get any connection to Angels?

Well, i was reading trough your books, but it doesn’t work, what are my mistakes?

Kind Regards


Dear Kerstin,

There are a few key points to contacting the angels.

Firstly, remove from your mind all thoughts of what will happen.

The angels will never do anything to scare you, they will know the perfect way to connect with you, which may not match your expectations.

Then relax, do not try too hard. The connection can be blocked by our anxiety and desire to get it right. Trust yourself and the angels.

You can then follow the meditation in Diana Coopers Angel Inspiration book.

As you make the request to connect, notice any thought, feeling, smell, sensation that you become aware of, this is your angels way of connecting with you. It may be something that you are so familiar with that you do not recognise it as being your angel.

Know that whenever you say or think “Angels” they are there waiting to assist you for your highest good.

I hope that this helps you to make a beautiful connection to your angels

With Angelic Blessings

Susan Rudd
Master Teacher at Diana Cooper Foundation