Dear Diana,

Since few years I have been interested about spirituality. I´m meditating on regular basis, I try to listen to my intuition and hear what angels are telling me. I´m really hoping to get some guidance on my journey. However, there is one area in my life, which seem to be very difficult and has always been. That is my relationships with men. If feel that it is very difficult for me to build up a long relationship or even considering having a family, although that is something I dream of. I feel like something is holding me back…and my intuition is telling me, that it has something to do with my past lives. Can you tell me how can I release myself from those cords?

Thank you!

Dear Friend

Archangel Michael will use his mighty sword to cut away any cords, if asked to do so.

You can visit him in meditation and ask him to perform this task for you. It may also be helpful to see the cords being consumed by the Gold Silver and Violet Flame as this transmutes negativity.


Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation