Dear Diana,

From a spiritual perspective is there a reason why so many elderly people are succumbing to Dementia?

Is it so that the person, family and care staff can learn lessons in giving
and receiving unconditional love despite the obvious challenges involved?

I have recently tried to help a family member who is confused, frustrated and very disorientated, by visualising a source of healing blue light in her room.

However, some days I seem to be at a loss as to how to offer spiritual and other support to a much loved parent.

If I could remain anonymous I would appreciate that but the wider question
on Dementia is I think of relevance to so many people in these times.

Love and Light always,


Thank you for your question which is topical at the moment as one in three people are likely to succumb to dementia or Alzheimer’s related illnesses. There are several perspectives in relation to this question. It is true what you say that people with these illnesses are teaching others about unconditional love. Although people’s physical mental and emotional essence is compromised in this illness their spiritual essence remains fully functional. What can be a great comfort is for you to connect with your family member at a higher level. Visualise your higher self meeting his (or her) higher self and you will develop a beautiful and loving way to connect which goes beyond the physical barriers of the illness.

So why are so many people getting this illness – medically there are many different reasons – Spiritually some chose dementia because they want to close down their left brain and experience life from the right brain and the heart.

Others want to return to the safety of childhood and let others take decisions and responsibility for them.

Many are simply closing down because on one level or another they feel unable to continue functioning on this planet.

What we can all do about this is to work together to raise the consciousness of the planet into the 5th dimension and create a new Golden Age. Diana’s books – Ascension through Orbs and Birthing a New Civilization will give you practical information and exercises which will support you.

With much love light and blessings

Elizabeth Ann and Diana

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