Invoking the Masters

I invoke…

El Morya to strengthen my higher will and give me leadership with integrity.

Lanto to enable me to feel the wisdom radiating from my heart centre.

Serapis Bey to strengthen my understanding of sacred symbols.

Paul the Venetian to strengthen my heartfelt creativity.

Hilarion to help me understand spiritual technology and apply it in a 5D way.

Mary Magdelene to help me accept everyone with love and compassion.

Lady Nada to open me to higher spiritual understandings and the wisdom of the universe.

Kumeka to light my way.

Voosloo to keep my life in balance.

Gautama to show me my pathway.

Rakoczy to adapt my human body to cope with the new energies.

Quan Yin to hold me in unconditional love.

Jesus to help me tread my true path with courage.

Meitreya to enable me to be the Christ light and radiate it.

Babaji to help me live in truth and radiate it.

Melchizedek to help me live in peace and togetherness.

St Germain to show me the potential of the new Age.

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