Look for Angel Signs

Look for Angel Signs

By Aunty Betty


Looking for angel signs


Let’s explore outdoors together and learn to see


 Let’s go outside with Mum or Dad and be safe and happy all together.


  • Find a nice green area, like a park or a forest or the countryside.
  • Look around and see if you can find any white feathers, as these are signs the Angels are close to you.
  • Now look up to the sky and see if you can see any clouds which are shaped like an Angel (it helps if it is not raining!!!).



looking for angel signs

angel signs









    Do you notice any butterflies nearby or any birds flying close by to you?

  •  Now that you know what to look for, the Angels will help you to see the Angel Signs everyday.


When you get home, draw a picture of what you have seen today and the signs the Angels will have given you, draw a picture  and send it to us at kidscorner@dianacooper.com



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