This special discounted bundle of Zoom Workshop Recordings includes two special videos to connect you deeply with Lord Voosloo and Commander Ashtar.

The usual price for these workshops would be £11 but they are available in this bundle at a special price of £5 for both.

This bundle includes:

Zoom 1. Connect with Lord Voosloo and the great interdimensional portal of Stonehenge – 1.5 hours

Lord Voosloo was the highest frequency High Priest ever to incarnate in Golden Atlantis, in charge of the Temple of One True Light.  His energy produced the jump shift in consciousness that allowed Atlantis to become the fabled golden era. This 11th dimensional Universal Ascended Master has now returned as Chohan of the 9th ray of harmony to help Earth through the current critical time.  He carries the keys that enable a quantum shift in consciousness.

During this Zoom you will visit the etheric Temple of the One True Light to connect with Lord Voosloo and Serapis Bey. Together they help you blend your third eye and crown chakras so that the pure white flame of enlightenment merges with gold of universal wisdom.  As this happens you are being prepared for a jump shift in your personal consciousness.

Lord Voosloo and the mighty Archangel Metatron are leading a team of evolved beings in creating 9D grid round Earth.  In an extraordinary meditation they enable you to connect to this grid through the great portal of Stonehenge and you are able to bring awesome cosmic energies through to help to create the new universal grid of light for this universe.

Zoom 2. Meet Commander Ashtar and the Intergalactic Command – 1.5 hours

Commander Ashtar is the 7th dimensional commander of the Intergalactic Fleet of Spaceships that patrol this universe and are stationed round Earth to protect our planet.  He belongs to the Hierarchy of the Great Central Sun, the Sun beyond our Sun, known as Helios.  He is an Avatar from Venus and is preparing those who are ready to speak the pure truth of their soul.

Commander Ashtar also serves on the Intergalactic Council and his role is to keep the universes in balance and harmony with one another.  During this Zoom he takes you to petition the Intergalactic Council for the benefit of beings on Earth. You also journey with him in his mothership where you receive a complete energetic retune.  Then you visit an Arcturian lightship for advanced healing.

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