Make a Dream Catcher

Make a Dream Catcher

By Aunty Susan


dragons lair


What Dream Catchers do:
The dream catcher comes from the Native American traditions. It is said to allow good dreams to slip through the ‘web’ part in the middle and into the sleeper during the night; while the bad dreams were caught in the web and would be rid of by morning light. The Lakota Legend has the slightly different belief that the web will catch your good ideas and let the bad ones slip through.






















You will need:

    a paper plate


    craft glue

    sticking tape

    3 feathers

    hole puncher

    paints and brush


    selection of beads

    yarn, wool or thread thick enough to support beads


dream catcher

Step One:

Punch ten holes in the paper plate rim; six are for threading design; one is for hanging the dream catcher and the other three are for hanging the feathers.



Step Two:

Cut out the centre of the paper plate.



dream catcher

Step Three:

Tape the end of your thread, yarn or wool to the back of the paper plate next to a hole and begin threading making your own design, putting in beads as you go along. When you have finished tape the end to the back of the paper plate.



Step Four:

Tie enough thread to the top hole to hang it up after.



dream catcher

Step Five:

Tape three pieces roughly the same length to the three lower holes.




Step Six:

Thread beads through each before taping on a feather to the end of each.




Step Seven:

Now get your paints, glue and glitter and have fun making your own designs on the paper plate rim. Hang it up near your bed. Sweet dreams!!!




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