Make a Hobbit Hole

hobbitBy Gerard Browne

Inspired by JRR Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ Gerard made a hobbit hole

What he used:

  • A flat wooden board for the base
  • Some cut grass and soil to make the ‘hill’
  • A ‘Pringles’ can (for the tunnel)
  • A bottle top for the chimney
  • some paper and card for the windows cut into circles
  • Colours for decoration

First, Gerard put the Pringle can on the board then he poured the soil on top and shaped into a hill, putting the grass cuttings on top. He pushed the bottle top in at the top for the chimney. He also cut out some paper to cover the Pringle can top which became the tunnel door, with a handle cut out (see image). Windows were made out of card cut into circles and decorated, these were placed either side of the door as shown.

Hobbits…. come on in!!!



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