Make a paper mache planet by Aunty Catherine

Make a planet and hang it in your bedroom. We made the Earth but you can make any from the solar system or one of your own design.



You will need :

A balloon
PVA glue
Paint to match the choice of your planet
Sedona and Mt Shasta 001

Blow up the balloon to a size that you want your planet to be.

Sedona and Mt Shasta 003

Tear the newspaper into strips.

Sedona and Mt Shasta 004


Glue the strips onto the balloon. It will take a long time as you need to have lots of layers to make it really strong. You can do it over a few days.

Sedona and Mt Shasta 005


When its completely covered in newspaper and has enough layers so that its strong, leave it to dry. This might take a few days to fully dry out.

Sedona and Mt Shasta 007


When its dried out fully you can paint it. We painted it blue and green like the earth but you can paint it any colour of the planets or make your own uniquely coloured planet. Have Fun




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