Making a Fairy House

Making a Fairy House

By Catherine McMahon – Aunty Catherine


Making a Fairy house

you will need

You will need:

    A paper plate base.
    A yogurt pot or piece of cardboard tubing such as a large poster tube.
    Corrugated cardboard for roof.
    Moss – you can collect your own in a forest or buy some in a model building shop.
    Bark and mini cones or acorns.
    Tiny Pebbles or crystal chips.
    Glue- PVA is fine.


step 1

Step One:

Ask an adult to cut a doorway in the yogurt carton or the cardboard tube. If using a cardboard tube ask an adult to cut a V to make a roof.
Glue the yogurt carton or cardboard tube to base


step2Step 2

Step Two:

Ask an adult to score the roof so it bends in the centre.
Glue on the roof and cover it with moss and bark. This will take a while as the roof has to set first. If you have a hot glue gun it will be quicker but not necessary.



Step 3

Step Three:

Glue moss onto the base around the fairy house.
Glue on some pebbles or crystal chips to make a pathway to the front door.
Decorate with mini cones or acorns. We had a dragonfly button that we glued on the front door you can decorate it anyway you wish.



Step 4

Step Four:

Add some glitter if you wish.


Invite the fairies to come and stay!!!!!



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