Making a Humming Ball

Making a Humming Ball

By Aunty Catherine- Catherine McMahon


The angels work with us to make miracles happen. We can make healing humming balls and send them to areas in the world that need help. We can also send them to people who need healing or help. Here is how you can make a humming ball

making a humming ball



Step 1: Rub your hands together to open the energy centres in your palms.

Step2: Hold you hands out with palms facing each other like you are going to clap your hands. Let the energy pour out of your hands into the space between them.

Step 3: Close your eyes and ask the angels to add their healing energy to the ball you are making.

Step 4: Fill your ball with love and any other quality you wish. Imagine it filling up with miracles.

Step 5: Hum into the ball, asking the angels to fill it with the perfect sounds for the person or place you are sending it to.

Step 6: You might be able to feel the ball vibrating. If you wish you can imagine a colour in the ball too.

Step 7: When the energy humming ball is full. Send it to where it’s going. To do this, ask the angels to bring it to the person or place.

Step 8: Thank the angels for helping you to make this humming ball.



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