Max Helps Mother Earth

Written by Joanne McGinnley, illustrated by Vicky Leonard.

Max was relaxing in the sun after a busy day helping his dad around the house.  As he lay there staring up at the sky trying to make shapes from the clouds that passed by, something caught his eye.  What was it?  Could it be a dragonfly?  He tried to focus his eyes to see what this winged creature was, but it was moving too fast for him to see.

max-helps-mother-earth_clip_image002He jumped up to his feet and began following it around.  He thought that if he was quiet enough he could sneak up and catch it.

So quietly he tiptoed towards it.  The closer he got, the more radiant this little creature was.  There was a beautiful gold light radiating from its wings.  This made it hard for Max to see exactly what it was.

He quietly outstretched his hands in a very slow motion. Just as his fingers were getting close enough to catch it, off it flew.

max-helps-mother-earth_clip_image004“I will go get my net to catch it” thought Max.  Two minutes later he returned with his net, but the little creature was nowhere to be found.  So he went on a hunt to find it.

He examined all the flowers, trees, bushes and grass in the garden, but it was nowhere to be seen.  Max walked towards the swing that hung between two huge oak trees in his garden.

He dropped the net to the ground and as he was about to sit on the swing he heard a slight giggle.

Quickly he turned around and flying above his head was the little winged creature.

This time he could see it clearly.  He rubbed his eyes in disbelief at what he was seeing.  Two radiant wings shone brightly with golden and rainbow colour sparkles.

As he gazed he saw two little legs, a body, two little arms and a happy little face smiling brightly at him.  What a strange little creature he thought.  Again he heard a little giggle and this little winged person was flying around and around him in circles.

max-helps-mother-earth_clip_image006“Hello” said Max.  But he got no response.  “Who are you” he said again.  Quick as a flash the little creature was on his shoulder and talking into his ear.  “Hello, my name is Angelina.  I am a fairy and I need your help”.  “Do you know what Faeries are Max?” said Angelina.  Max shook his head that he didn’t know.  He had heard of faeries before, but really didn’t believe they existed.  Angelina whispered to Max that she is a nature spirit, an ancient race of beings that protect, heal and guide the plants, animals, flowers, trees and all life forms that are physical and natural.

Angelina flew in front of Max again and was able to speak with him through his thoughts.  “Why do you need me to help you” said Max.  We need someone who is strong and brave, but has a very big heart full of love.  I have been watching you for a few years now and I know you are going to help me heal the earth.   When Max heard these words he became afraid because he was only a small boy and didn’t know how to heal the earth.

Suddenly a huge rainbow appeared in the sky and all of Max’s fears disappeared like magic.  “What is wrong with the earth?” asked Max.  “Mother Earth is sick and needs our help” said Angelina.  She went on to explain that Mother Earth is hurt due to all the war, fighting, pollution and destruction of the earth.    There are special energies that can be sent to Mother Earth to help her heal and I need you to help me do this.  “Will you help me Max, PLEASE” said Angelina.  “OK, tell me what I have to do” said Max.

Firstly I need you to stand real close to that big oak tree and close your eyes.  Max went right up beside the tree and did as she asked.  Suddenly a slight breeze started swirling around and around Max.  It felt almost like he was being tickled.  Max began to smile and then laugh out loud.  By being happy and laughing Max’s vibration was getting higher.  Angelina said “our bodies are all made from vibrations and when we laugh our vibrations get higher and we can see more faeries to help us”.  Max could feel a strong powerful energy around him and was told this was coming from the tree.

max-helps-mother-earth_clip_image008Next Max had to imagine a large purple light being shone from the sky and into the tree.   He did this for a few minutes.  Angelina then told him to open his eyes.  Max could see the purple light going deep into the roots of the tree and spreading out to the other trees, plants and flowers in the garden.  “Wow how cool is that” said Max.  Suddenly Max was surrounded by hundreds of faeries, all laughing, singing and flying about.

“Is that all I had to do to help Mother Earth” asked Max.  “No” said Angelina.  “ I now need you to dance” she said. “Dancing is power and dancing is prayer and that is the only way we can send the vibrations and purple light to Mother Earth to make her better.  A huge smile appeared on Max’s face which made Angelina giggle.  “Dance, well of course I will dance, wait to you see my cool moves” said Max.  He started tapping his feet while he sang a song.  Then his legs started moving in rhythm to the beat.  He started waving his arms in the air and shaking his body to the music.  The more Max danced, the louder he sang.

Angelina and the Faeries had now joined in by playing music and singing with Max.
The music and singing was thrilling, everyone was really happy and centre stage was Max and his amazing dance moves.  Max loves to dance and was very happy to be helping Mother Earth by doing something he loved.  The garden was filled with music, singing and laughter.

max-helps-mother-earth_clip_image010Max started twirling around in circles.  He jumped up and down, shook his head and his body and continued waving his arms in the air.  He felt fantastic.  The Faeries all danced with him and the energy was happy and light.  Max continued to dance and as he did all the colours from the rainbow began to shower the earth.  Red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange and purple were pouring into Mother Earth to heal her.

“Look Max” said Angelina.  “You are healing Mother Earth”.  Max was so proud and happy that he continued to dance until he fell to the ground laughing.

After a while the rainbow colours returned to the sky and the only two remaining in the garden were Max and Angelina.  “Thank you Max for helping Mother Earth” said Angelina and with a giggle disappeared.

Max stood there in amazement thinking about what had just happened.  Did he really see the Faeries and did he really help Mother Earth.

As he stood there he looked up to the sky, Angelina appeared, gave him a little wink and said “we are always here beside you, whenever you need us or want us, just close your eyes think of us and we are there, oh an don’t forget to dance”.

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