I want to know if I am doing the meditations correctly…….I am always relaxed and rested after doing them……but I often fall asleep towards the middle ….definitely before the end of them now……..
I’ve done each of them several times…..today I woke up at the very end of the Arch Angel Michael CD when it was finishing the music at the end….

I can’t tell you how much they have helped me relax, and refresh, and in every sense give me hope……..

I didn’t want to post this on your Face Book page where I normally send in pictures that I take and Barb Howard will send me comments of the pictures which I greatly appreciate.

I guess I was embarrassed to say that I fall asleep……
I would LOVE to hear feedback on this please.

Again, I truly appreciate ALL that you do to help us learn about the angels. Thank you very very much.

Sincerely with LOVE & LIGHT,


Dear Lisa,

Please do not worry, you are getting the benefit from the meditation CDs even if you are falling asleep. Often we fall asleep so that the information can bypass the filter of our conscious mind. As you are feeling relaxed and refreshed, you are getting what you need from this practice~ keep it up, the angels applaud you!

Angelic Blessings