Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

How To Channel Guides, Ascended Masters & Angels


Everyone can channel, in other words tune into higher beings and bring forward information from them.  Many people have channelled guides, ascended masters and angels without realising that they are doing so.  Often it feels like flashes of inspiration or a download of ideas.

It really helps to be able to concentrate so that you can focus your left brain and at the same time to have your right brain, your creative side, open and intuitive.

Naturally your desire to make the connection and your intention to do this for the highest good is really important.  Remember that higher guides, ascended masters and angels always speak with love and compassion, though sometimes with firmness.  They will always empower you and strengthen your independence.

When a higher being comes you to, it will always respect you, so will try to touch you gently and calmly.  However if their frequency is very different from your own, you may feel shaken or expanded.  You may sense a touch, a colour or a perfume.  If you have any doubts, stop!  It may not be a higher being.

You may receive a telepathic communication, a picture may come into your mind, your may have a download of information or you may have a sudden knowing.

Higher beings may decline to tell you your future as they are above fortune telling.  However you may ask for guidance about your next step or your highest purpose in the next year.  You can ask what you are learning in a particular situation.  You can request insights about personal or world situations or about energies coming into planet.  And you can ask for information about how you can help or serve.

After you have connected with the higher beings you will carry more light.

Exercise to connect with a higher being

  • Decide what questions you want to ask and which being of light you wish to invoke.
  • State your intention that you wish to communicate with this being.
  • Ground yourself by picturing roots going down from your feet deep into the earth.
  • Ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection round you.  Visualise this falling into place.
  • Surround yourself in white violet light to raise your vibration.
  • Breathe comfortably and relax.
  • Feel a shaft of white gold light flowing down into your right brain.
  • Then allow it to move into your left brain and flood that.
  • Now you can communicate.  Mentally ask who has come to you.  You may or may not receive an impression.
  • Ask your questions…. Write or listen to the replies.
  • Thank the being of light who has come to you.
  • Open your eyes.

How to Build your Light Body

Light contains spiritual information and knowledge.  In order to ascend you need to raise the light quotient of your body to 81%.  Below are some activities that will raise your light level.


Meditation and prayer

Affirmations especially I AM affirmations.  These state that your I AM Presence or monad aligns with an energy or high being, such as an angel or master.  For example, I AM the light, I AM Mother Mary, I AM Serapis Bey.


  • Visualising beautiful outcomes.
  • Invocations such as the examples above.
  • Chanting mantras or chanting the name of God brings in great light.
  • Listening to spiritual CD’s or people.
  • Spiritual journal writing, e.g. A thank you journal, where you record your daily blessings.
  • Service.  When you offer service with an attitude of love, you bring light into your aura.
  • Clearing unconscious blocks.  You can ask the angels and ascended masters to help you clear and let go of things that are holding you back and they will bring in an opportunity for you to release or forgive something.
  • The vibration of beautiful sound helps to raise your light.  So playing crystal bowls, singing sacred or melodious songs and toning all make a difference.
  • Watch your thoughts.  When you catch a lower thought cancel it in the violet flame.
  • Ask for a love or light shower and open up to receive it.
  • Ask Archangel Metatron to increase your light quotient.
  • Visit the Ascension chambers and Archangel retreats in your sleep.
  • Call in the Arcturians to add 10% light to your lightbody.
  • Ask the Ashtar command to pour more light through your crown chakra.
  • Sit outside in the moonlight (or visualise it) and ask to be bathed in the Silver ray of divine feminine light, grace and harmony.
  • Sit in the sun (or visualise it) and asked to be bathed in the Gold ray of the divine masculine, welcome and higher energy.
  • Ask the angels to sing over you while you sleep.
  • Ask the unicorns to activate your twelve chakras while you sleep and hold the energy fifth dimensional.

Visualisation to heal all your relationships with Agape or Higher Love

  1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
  2. If possible, light a candle to raise the vibration.
  3. Relax and close your eyes.
  4. Ground yourself by imagining roots growing from the soles of your feet deep into the earth.
  5. Place Archangel Michael’s blue cloak around you for protection.
  6. Imagine you are over the portal in Honolulu and are breathing higher love into your sacral chakra.  This is a beautiful pink.
  7. Picture your entire extended family together and see the higher love dissolving all cords and lower emotions.
  8. Imagine you are burying any remaining cords and see beautiful flowers blooming where they have been buried.
  9. See yourself with your friends, business colleagues and acquaintances. Feel the higher love sweeping like a gentle tide through you, washing away all lower feelings.
  10. See all the sexual links you have ever had being purified by agape from Venus.
  11. When you feel relaxed and full of love, let Archangel Gabriel place a pure white cloak of light and higher love round you. Absorb its energy and know that whenever you need to in the future you can breathe in the pure love.
  12. Bring yourself back to where you started from, open your eyes and look at all your relationships with new eyes of love.

Based on information in Keys to the Universe.

Visualisation to help places in need

  1. The fire dragons are fourth dimensional elementals who dive into denser energy than the angels can reach.  They devour the lower energy.  You can then call in the unicorns to pour in inspiration.  If everyone did this it would help to bring peace to the world.
    1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
    2. Light a candle if possible and dedicate it to peace on Earth.
    3. Close your eyes and relax by breathing in love and out peace.
    4. Ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection over your aura.
    5. Call in the fire dragons and ask them to pour into the place or situation you send them to.  Visualise their fire transmuting the old heavy stuck energy.
    6. When this is done, invoke the magnificent unicorns and ask them to pour blessings of inspiration and hope over the place or situation.
    7. Ask for a leader with integrity to step forward to move the place or situation into higher light.
    8. Picture tens of thousands of angels of peace singing over the place or situation.
    9. Visualise a huge white and pink rose of the Cosmic Heart floating over the place or situation, spreading love.
    10. Thank the angels, dragons and unicorns.
    11. Open your eyes.

    Your thoughts are the building blocks of creation. When you focus on a vision for the light a powerful energy flows from you and angels surround you, helping you to make a difference. So the following visualisation enables you to work with the higher beings of light to co-create a better world. When several people hold a vision together the results are even more effective. It is important to picture the highest possible outcome at all times. Together we can change the world.

Meditation / Visualisation for healing the planet

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Breathe deeply until you feel your body relaxing.
  3. Imagine you are in a beautiful place in nature.
  4. Ask your Guardian Angel to enfold you in its wings, allowing you to feel safe, secure and even more deeply relaxed.
  5. Call on a host of angels to help you heal the world and know they are surrounding you – literally hundreds of beings of light.
    Visualise yourself with your Guardian Angel and the host of angels flying over the waters of the world. See the oceans, lakes and rivers, blue, clear and perfectly clean. Picture the deeps silent so that the whales and other sea creatures can use their sonar to navigate properly. See the dolphins joyously swimming and all other water creatures living peacefully. Ask the angels to pour their blessings into your vision. 
  6. Move to the forests and see the trees growing strongly and healthily. See the people and animals who live in the forests happy, contented and respectful of their surroundings. Picture new growth in all areas of the world where trees have been felled, including clearings, wastelands and deserts. Ask the angels to pour their blessings onto your vision for the forests.
  7. Travel over the mountains of the world and watch the spiritual energy flowing from them. Ask the angels to pour their blessings onto your vision.
  8. Fly over deserts and picture them lush with water and vegetation once more.
  9. Where industry and mining has harmed the land, send blessings and light.
  10. See the earth rich and fertile everywhere, producing fruit and vegetables which are nourishing and abundant.
  11. Picture people everywhere holding hands in peace and love.
  12. Imagine the angels taking you far from the Earth where you can look down at the planet like a wonderful blue pearl with a radiant aura.
  13. Receive blessings and love from the angels.
  14. Return to where you started.
  15. Open your eyes

Working with the 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras

Working with the twelve chakras and raising their frequency is the path to accelerated ascension both personal and for the planet.  This meditation is an initiation into the 12 fifth dimensional chakras, so that you can safely bring Source energy through your body for healing and purification, then into Hollow Earth, which is the 7th dimensional chakra in the centre of the planet.  Your light will be used to help renew the power of the pyramids and to re-align them to the star systems to which they are fine tuned.  You will then do your part to help heal the planet of all that humanity has perpetrated.
You may need to practise this regularly.

If you start at the Earth Star and go upwards, you will open yourself up, so do this in the morning.  If you start at the Stellar Gateway and come down, you will close the chakras down, so it is good to do this at night.

When you have practised this you can do it walking in the countryside or anywhere peaceful.

Meditation and Initiation into the 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras

  1. Find a place where you can be undisturbed and quiet.  Sit with your spine straight and comfortable.
  2. Breathe into your feet on the floor and let them become relaxed and heavy.  Then breathe slowly up and down your back, relaxing it.
  3. Imagine the Stellar Gateway as a golden ball 12″ or 30cms above your head.  At last your spiritual achievements, earned through many lifetimes are recognised and you can open the ball into a flower to draw in Source energy.
  4. Below it the magenta Soul Star, your higher self, glows with light.  Cleanse it with the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, then allow the petals to open, so that the divine light from above flows into the Soul Star.
  5. Above the head is the pure white Causal Chakra, the higher mind, bringing in the qualities of all-seeing and all-knowing and allowing you to open to higher wisdom.  Again allow the petals to open so that the divine light from above flows into it.
  6. Bring the Source light down into crystal clear thousand petalled lotus at the crown of your head.
  7. Then down into the crystal ball in your third eye.
  8. Then into your royal blue throat chakra, preparing to be the Voice of the Universe and to co-create with Archangel Michael.
  9. Down into the pure white heart chakra filled with Christ Consciousness.
  10. Down into the deep gold solar plexus.  Now you dissolve all your fear and that of people around you.
  11. Down into the orange navel chakra.
  12. Down into the delicate pink sacral chakra, full of tenderness, love and transcendent sexuality.
  13. Down into the platinum base chakra, where you connect with dolphin wisdom and have a solid spiritual foundation.
  14. Down into the black Earth Star 12″ or 30cm below your feet, holding your potential and the possibility of new beginnings.
  15. Let the Source energy flow through you into every cell of your body.
  16. The let the Source energy flow through the ley lines to the Pyramids and sense it lighting them up and energising them.  Feel the connections to the stars being re-established.
  17. See Mother Earth receiving the pure energy and healing herself totally.
  18. Thank Source for all you have received and close down by imagining the petals of each chakra closing, if you wish to.

Exercise to release fears

Angels can help you in many ways. We all have fear and it holds most people back from enjoying life fully or fulfilling their potential. It even causes imbalance, so here is an exercise to assist you to release your fears.

  1. Relax and breathe calmly and evenly.
  2. Invite an angel in to help you release your fear and the tension it causes in your body.
  3. You may like to think about your fear or simply breathe into any tense part of your body where you hold fear.
  4. Allow a picture, memory or symbol to float into your mind.
  5. Relax while the angel or angels pull the picture, memory or symbol from you. Allow them to dissolve the fear in light.
  6. They will now show you a positive picture or symbol which will help you to feel strong.
  7. They are placing this symbol either into your third eye or into the part of your body which was tense.
  8. Thank your angels and open your eyes.

From A Little Light on Angels

New Light On Angels: Updated edition of ‘Little Light on Angels’ by Diana Cooper (2009-03-20)

Working with Mother Mary and the Chakras

Pan is a 9th dimensional master in charge of the nature kingdoms. Mother Mary is also a 9th dimensional master bringing love, compassion and the divine feminine to the world. Mother Mary’s etheric retreat is in Lourdes, France.

You can do this alone.  To add more power do it with others and link your twelve chakras to each other in order to strengthen their light.A wonderful way of stabilising your chakras at a higher level is to visualise yourself linking into the chakras of an ascended master, such as Jesus, Mary, Pan or Serapis Bey.

Before you start your visualisation make sure you are in a place where you can be undisturbed and quiet.

Mother Mary Meditation

  1. Ground yourself by imagining roots going down from your feet and anchoring you into the heart of Mother Earth.
  2. Ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection over you and picture it being zipped up from your feet to your chin and the hood pulled over your head to cover your third eye.
  3. Breathe into your solar plexus to the count of four and out again to the count of four several times until you feel centred, calm and tranquil.
  4. Focus on your Earth Star chakra, the black ball of energy containing your potential and much esoteric wisdom, which lies just below your feet.  Breathe in and out of it.  (If in a group send the black energy round the circle or triangle to the Earth Star chakras of those with whom you are working, both giving and receiving.)
  5. Move your attention to the platinum base centre.  Breathe in and out of it.  Be aware of dolphins adding their light and wisdom to this link.  (If in a group send the platinum light round the circle and back into your own chakra, setting it alight.)
  6. At the pale pink sacral chakra breathe in transcendent love.  (If in a group send the pale pink light round the circle and back into your own chakra setting it alight and be aware of the transcendent love you are sharing.)
  7. At your orange navel chakra breathe in self-esteem, social responsibility and nourishment.  ((If in a group send the orange light round the circle and back into your own chakra setting it alight.)
  8. Breathe in courage, wisdom and peace as you focus on your deep golden yellow solar plexus.  (If in a group send the deep golden light round the circle and back into your own chakra setting it alight.)
  9. Activate your pure white heart chakra with Christ consciousness or true unconditional love. (If in a group send the light round the circle and back into your own chakra feeling the pure white love setting it alight.)
  10. Breathe into your deep royal blue throat chakra of co-creation with integrity. (If in a group send the deep royal blue light round the circle and back into your own chakra setting it alight.)
  11. Focus on your transparent crystal ball of your all wise, all knowing, all seeing third eye. (If in a group send the crystal clear light round the circle and back into your own chakra setting it alight.)
  12. Open your transparent crystal crown at the top of the head, to receive the light of the soul. (If in a group send the crystal light round the circle and back into your own chakra setting it alight.)
  13. Activate the mental silence of the pure white causal chakra above the crown. (If in a group send the white light round the circle and back into your own chakra setting it alight.)
  14. Awaken the magenta of the divine feminine soul star, 30cms above your head. (If in a group send the magenta light round the circle and back into your own chakra setting it alight.)
  15. Open up your golden orange Stellar Gateway.  (If in a group send the light round the circle and back into your own chakra setting it alight.)
  16. Be aware of a pure white unicorn waiting for you.  Allow it to carry you up through the beauty of the higher dimensions to Mother Mary’s retreat.
  17. Mother Mary is waiting for you and blessing you with love and light.  Take your time to absorb the energy.
  18. Mother Mary places her healing blue cloak over your shoulders.
  19. Now it is time to meet the mighty Pan.  Feel yourself slowly rising into his plane of existence until you are enfolded in the light of Pan’s realm.
  20. You may be aware of animals and plants, of fairies, elves and other elementals, all serving him with love and joy.  You may find flowers being placed in your hair or round your neck.  Feel your heart expanding.
  21. Then find yourself in your body again and Pan is pouring liquid gold into your chakras.  Each cup is filling with healing, high frequency light.
  22. When you are ready imagine your chakras are sending out the pure high frequency light to everyone on Earth whose twelve chakras are open or opening in order to accelerate their ascension progress with love.  You can, of course, send the light for healing or purifying anyone or any place on the planet.
  23. Touch or point to each of your chakras to close them down to the level you feel is right for you.
  24. Open your eyes.

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