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Karelena MacKinlay

Following a life-changing event over 12 years ago I found myself starting my spiritual journey.

It was a time of great uncertainty for me then but little did I know that Divine intervention was working away not so much in the background but much more in the foreground! I was guided to Reiki initially, initially as a client then progressing on to practitioner level.

During this spiritual learning period my intuitive skills began to develop more strongly. I again was guided to an ‘Angel Workshop’ evening class and it was here with the Angelic connection I felt I had truly come home. This was my pathway, this was what I was meant to do so I undertook teacher training with the Diana Cooper School (now named the Diana Cooper Foundation). This training then allowed me to offer my own personal and spiritual development workshops.

Spontaneous drawing is a tool which allows you the opportunity to explore possible options at any moment in time when you feel you need guidance. The drawing exercises have proved popular with my participants who have never failed to be amazed at what is revealed in their drawings. For me, I have found the interpretation of drawings to be both insightful and intuitively exciting to do.

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Coomi Vevaina

I began my spiritual journey at the age of fourteen and, prodded by some wonderful spiritual mentors and the great ascended master, Sai Baba of Shirdi, India, I searched relentlessly for the ‘kingdom of God’ within me. My quest led me into various healing modalities like Reiki, Crystals, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Energy Healing, Core Empowerment Technique, Healing with Jungian Psychology, Chakra Therapy, Colour Therapy and Shamanism but the moment I did my first Angel Course, I intuitively knew that I had found what I was looking for.

I resonate at a very deep level with the Angels for I find working with them simple, self-empowering, magical and profoundly transformative. In 2010, I was certified as an Angel teacher by Charles Virtue of the Doreen Virtue School of Angels, U.S.A., in 2011, as an Angels, Ascension and Golden Atlantis teacher and in 2012 as a teachers of Unicorns by the Diana Cooper Foundation, U.K. I am now a Master Teacher of Angels and Transform Your Life and a number of teachers have been given certifications on completing their course work with me. I love teaching the Diana Cooper Foundation courses and feel deeply honoured at being chosen to be an instrument of God’s peace.

Besides teaching spiritual courses, I work as Professor in the Department of English in the University of Mumbai. I have two Ph.D. degrees to my credit – one in literature and the other in Education and have published 7 books and 55 papers that have appeared in refereed national and international journals and critical anthologies. I have conducted numerous Teacher-Training programmes in schools, colleges and universities in India and abroad for over fifteen years and have received several awards for both teaching and research. I am also a Creative Writer, an international Storyteller and a Peace Activist.

Importantly, I see a seamless intermingling between my academic work and my spiritual interests for, as a teacher of literature, I have always woven spirituality into all my teaching. In all humility, it is my sincere desire to touch people’s lives and make them grow in self-awareness and wisdom.

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