Meet the Master Djwhal Khul

Written By Jo Boyle, illustrated by Angel Arkle.

“Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one-hundred! Coming, ready or not.” screamed Josh,bursting into his room. He was playing with Samuel, who as an angel, wasn’t very good at Earthly games.

“Oh Samuel!” said Josh, spotting him, instantly. “I can see you. Your feet are sticking out from under the curtains and there’s a pile of feathers on the floor,next to you.”

mgraphicsco-sf-1474Samuel popped his head out from behind the curtains and stared at his large, golden feet in dismay, “Oh dear, I’m not very good at hiding my light. I just glow too much!”
He sighed and sat down on the feathery floor, “I was going to pretend that I was a ghost and try to scare you with some eerie noises.”

Josh frowned and put his hands on his hips, “That’s not nice, Samuel. You know I’m scared of ghosts.”

“I thought you were over that.” said Samuel, “In fact, I thought the only thing that scared you these days is brushing your teeth, young man!”

Josh pulled a funny face which Samuel didn’t see as he had just had a great idea

“Hey Josh,” he said, his golden aura blazing with light, “ you’ve just given me an idea. I know a wonderful Master, who’s very good at getting rid of fears.”

Josh stared at his angel and slowly smiled, “I know you, Samuel. You’re just trying to get me to go to bed early.”

“No, honestly!” said Samuel, “You’ll love him. He’s very clever and knows lots about all kinds of subjects. In fact, many of the Masters go to him for advice and…”he said, his blue eyes sparkling, “ the one thing he is best at is helping people heal their fears.”

Josh’s eyes widened in disbelief, “What even the dark and ghosts and – and spiders?”

“All those. There’s no better Master for the job.” said Samuel, “ Right, now come on brush your teeth and go straight to sleep and before you know it, we shall be at the Master’s temple.”

Josh didn’t have to be asked twice, “Sure thing.” he said and saluted him. “But first, check under my bed, will you? I know there’s a scary monster living there!”

Samuel rolled his crystal, blue eyes, “Okay.” he said and dutifully, knelt down and peeped under Josh’s bed.

“AAAAHHHH!” Samuel let out an ear piercing scream, which made Josh jump.

“What!?” said Josh, sitting bolt up-right in his bed.

“I thought I saw something.” said Samuel, who was trying to hide something behind his wings.

“What!” said Josh, “Was it the horrible monster?”

Samuel, shook his head, seriously, “Worse. Much worse than that.” he said, but he was trying his best not to smile, “I found this!” and threw one of Josh’s socks at him.

“Oh Samuel,” said Josh, “You scared me!” and folded his arms and scowled.

“You fall for it every time.” said Samuel, ruffling his guardian’s hair, “Now, that’s enough, close your eyes and I shall wait for you. Nighty-night, sleep tight.”

Josh hated being teased and laughed at. Samuel, really should have known better, he thought. His angel knew lots of things scared him and he shouldn’t have reminded him before bedtime, as now he was bound to have nightmares.

So, Josh huffed and puffed, and tossed and turned, until exhausted, he fell into a deep sleep.

mgraphicsco-sf-1475“Oh, so you finally fell asleep then, grumpy?” teased his angel.Josh, blinked his eyes open and frowned at his angel, which made Samuel, smile. “I know you’re angry with me, Josh.” whispered Samuel, “But I promise you by the end of the night you’ll know why I teased you before and you will be very glad I did.” Josh listened but said nothing as he was still upset. Instead from the comfort of his angel’s wings, he watched the heavens as stars and comets whizzed by. Then on the horizon, the temples of light appeared and the pair found themselves in a shimmering courtyard.Before them stood a large, domed temple and a fountain sent rainbow coloured water,high into the sky. Josh felt himself relax. It was impossible to feel angry here and he smiled, as he listened to the bamboo wind-chimes move in the warm breeze.

mgraphicsco-sf-1478Josh noticed some movement from the corner of his eye and he turned to see a glowing, being of light walk towards him. “Welcome Josh,” said the friendly looking Master, “I AM Djwhal Khul.” The Master knew Josh, would find his name difficult to say and quickly added,“However, you may want to call me D.K. My name hails from a faraway land called Tibet.”Josh grinned at the Master, “Please to meet you Mister D.K. I really like your name, it’s as cool as it sounds!”
This made the Master laugh and he patted Josh, affectionately on the head.
Josh adored the Master immediately and as he stared at him he could see that he was surrounded in a bubble of blue light, and bright rays shone from his heart and head. But it was his dark, laughing eyes that Josh liked the best. He counted at least six, crinkly lines and he knew that meant the Master would be a lot of fun.

mgraphicsco-sf-1476The friendly Master began to chuckle himself, “You are right, Josh. I enjoy a good joke, just like all the Master’s do.” Josh shook his head in amazement, and said, “You read my…”

“Mind!” said the Master. The pair stood and stared for a moment before bursting into its of laughter.

“Yes.” said Djwhal Khul, when they had finished laughing, “There are no secrets here. As a Master I can read people’s thoughts.”

Josh wasn’t sure if he liked that. He didn’t want anyone knowing all his private thoughts and secrets.

But Master D.K. had read his mind again and gave him a comforting hug, “Do not worry, my friend, your angel has been reading your thoughts since you were a tiny baby and besides, your secrets are safe with me. Now come along and meet some of my students’.” The Master led him towards a beautiful, cherry-blossom tree, under which sat a group of students’. All glowing the same blue colour as their Master! Josh smiled at the group and sat down in an empty chair, being very careful to sit up very straight.

mgraphicsco-sf-1477-462x300He suddenly felt very young and shy, and prayed the Master’s students’ were not able to read his thoughts. But he caught the Master’s eye who was staring at him very intently.

“My good friend Serapis Bey has told me of your bravery, Josh.” he said, his dark eyes, twinkling.

Josh shrugged his shoulders and then sat on his hands, “I’m not really that brave.” he said, shaking his head, sadly.

“And why do you think that?” asked the Master. He sat forward in his chair and as he did his blue aura shimmered around him, just like the heat from a road on a hot day.

“Well, I get very afraid sometimes.” said Josh, staring at the sparkly grass, “I’m scared of the dark, of spiders and some of the mean boys’ at school.”

“Yes, well, I and my students’ could have told you that. We can see pictures of your fears in your aura, Josh. You know, it looks like your angel did a very good job before you went to bed tonight.”

Josh opened his eyes wide in amazement, “Oh, so that’s what he was doing? I thought he was making fun of me”

“Your angel would never do that, Josh. He loves you too much. Samuel was only getting you ready for our meeting.”

Josh smiled, shyly and then asked, “So, do you think you’ll be able to help me Mister D.K?”

“Well,” said the Master, stroking his chin, “you’ve certainly got a long list of fears but I’m sure we’ll be able to work our magic.”“It’s not going to hurt is it?” asked Josh, suddenly worried.

“No.” said the Master, “Releasing fears is much more easy than you think. No pain involved. I promise. You ready?” “Yeah.” said Josh, grinning and swinging his legs

“Good.” said Djwhal Khul, “Now, do you know how we get rid of fears, Josh?”Josh thought hard and long and then shook his head. He didn’t

“By shining love on them.” came the Master’s simple answer, “A fear cannot survive if you shower it with love. The two are simply, incompatible. This is what myself and my students’ do in our circle. We focus our attention on the Earth and the whole of humanity. We pray for them, send light and send love to all fears, no matter how big or how small. Oh, and we also, use this”

Djwhal Khul produced what looked like a tiny dust-buster, “This little thing is my fear removal machine. It may be small but it is very powerful.”Josh took one look at the machine and turned up his nose. It looked suspiciously, like the gift, Sanat Kumara had given him to keep his bedroom tidy.

Djwhal Khul began to chuckle. He had read Josh’s mind again.

“Now I know, Sanat Kumara has already given you a hoover.” said Djwhal Khul,
“But my machine is very, very different. Let me show you. Shall we begin?” Josh nodded, sat up straight and concentrated very hard.

The Master and his students’ joined hands and began to chant. Josh closed his eyes shut. He heard the Master’s voice loud and clear in his head asking him to think of every single fear he had ever had. Josh thought hard and shivered as the machine began to suck his hair and squeeze his head.

“Very good work,” said the Master, loud and clear in his head again, “Just keep thinking about those fears and let the machine do the rest.”

Josh sighed and thought about all his silly fears and as he did the hum of the machine grew louder and the breeze became much stronger, and at one point he began to fear that the dust-buster was going to hoover up all his hair! Josh clenched his hands, he would be very unhappy, if he woke up the next morning and was bald!

Then slowly, the hum from the machine grew softer and the breeze became still. Josh opened his eyes, blinked and smiled.

“There we are.” said Djwhal Khul, “All done. Would you like to see what we removed? We managed to suck out quite a lot, so sit still for a moment, as you may feel a little light headed.” Josh nodded. The Master was right. He did feel dizzy. But he also, felt light and very clean.

The Master walked across to Josh and showed the inside of the fear removal machine to him, “Just look at what was crawling about in your mind!

“Yuk!” said Josh, staring at all the fears squealing and squirming in the dirty tube, “I’m glad you got rid of them, they’re disgusting! But where are they going to go now?” “My good friend, Archangel Michael will soon dispose of them.”

Josh smiled, gratefully at the Master, “Thank you, Mister D.K. I thought losing my fears was going to be hard but it was really easy.”

“The best things are!” replied the Master, “Aaahhh! I see your angel is here for your return flight home, first class of course!” he chuckled before continuing, “So, before you go Josh, tell me, if you find you’re having a fearful thought, what will you do?”

Josh grinned, “I’ll get my Daddy’s torch and I’ll shine lots of love on it.”
“Exactly!” smiled Djwhal Khul.
Then the Master, pressed his hands together and bowed, “I AM Djwhal Khul and I am at your service, always ”

Josh smiled and hugged the Master so tightly, Samuel had to pull him from his arms. Then the pair lifted into the air, as Djwhal Khul and his students’ waved goodbye. Josh sighed and closed his eyes, the sound of the temple bells soothing him to sleep.Safely back in his room Samuel, tucked him up in bed, knowing that Josh would get a peaceful night’s sleep, with no nightmares!


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