Written by Joanne Boyle, illustrated by Angela Arkle.

“Wakey, wakey Josh.” said a dream like voice.

Josh yawned and opened his sleepy eyes, only to find himself in the arms of his beloved angel.

“I thought you weren’t going to wake up.” said Samuel, rolling his eyes.
Josh rubbed his eyes and stared at the clouds far below them, “Are we on our way to see a Master?”

el-Morya“We are.” replied Samuel, “The Master’s are very pleased with your progress and as a reward; you are going to meet a powerful Master called El Morya.”

Josh whispered the Master’s name to himself and smiled. It sounded very familiar to him and couldn’t wait to meet the new Master.

“Come on, Samuel,” teased Josh, “can’t you fly any faster?”

“What?” said Samuel, hardly believing his ears.

“Well, we don’t want to keep the Master waiting, do we?” giggled Josh.

Samuel rolled his crystal blue eyes and tickled Josh, “We’re nearly there, cheeky!”

And sure enough the Master’s temple appeared in the distance and moments later the pair landed in a glowing red desert.

“Oooh!” said Josh, his feet sinking into the cool deep sand, “Is this where the

Master’s temple is?”

“Yes, it’s just over there.” said Samuel, pointing to a large tent which billowed in the warm, evening air.

ST1_MEET-THE-MASTERS_El-Morya_PICTURE-3“A tent!” squealed Josh, “I love tents.” And unable to wait any longer he grabbed Samuel’s hand and dragged him over the small sand dunes. It was hard running in the sand and the pair giggled as they stumbled towards the tented temple.

Coloured lanterns hung outside the entrance and shone brighter than the millions of stars which twinkled in the dark desert sky. Large velvet cushions covered the dusty floor and two treasure chests, filled to the brim with gold and jewels sparkled brightly.

Josh looked up and gasped. There, brighter than all the gold and stars combined, stood the Master. His arms were outstretched and his smile was as bright as the sun.

“Come in, come in.” the Master urged, “Finally, we meet. I AM El Morya.” And gave Josh a big, bear hug.

“Hello, Mister El Morya.” said Josh, overawed by the powerful looking Master.

“Now there’s no need to be shy with me, Josh.” said the Master, reading his mind.

“Please, sit down,” he said, pointing to the large floor cushions, “Make yourself at home.”

Josh was mesmerised by the Master. He was surrounded by a white glow which made his robe and turban shine brightly. A large blue crystal hung over his forehead and rays of light blazed from his wise, brown eyes.

“Josh, my fellow Masters have told me all about you and we all think you deserve a reward.” The Master leaned forward and smiled, “Is there anything you would like?”

Josh wrapped his arms around his knees and stared at the two, silent angels who stood behind the Master, each holding a bowl of scented smoke, “I’m not sure.” he said, shrugging.

El Morya and the angels smiled kindly at him, “You may ask for whatever you want.” said the Master.

Josh had never heard that before and frowned, “You mean anything I ask for, I’ll get?”

El Morya nodded. So, Josh thought long and hard but it was no good, he just couldn’t decide on what he wanted.

“You see,” sighed Josh, “I want so many things, Mister El Morya and when you’re asked to choose only one thing, it’s really hard.”

The Master’s eyes twinkled and he leaned forward as if to tell Josh a secret, “Well, that’s the key, Josh. You choose one thing at a time. Then you see yourself owning it, clearly in your mind’s eye, then before long, it will appear in your life. Do you understand?”

Josh thought for a moment then slowly nodded.

The Master stared at Josh, “So, if I ask you again, what would you like to receive, what would the answer be?”

Josh grinned, shyly, “A baseball glove.” he said, “My friend Jack brought one back from his holidays and he lets me play with it sometimes but I’d really like my own.”

The Master patted Josh’s shoulder, “Very well, then. Close your eyes and listen to my words. We have some work to do.”

Josh listened to the Master’s soothing voice as he explained to him how to visualise.

He told Josh, to see the baseball glove in great detail, to see himself wearing it and to imagine, the joy it would bring him. He told Josh to use all his senses and to make it seem as real as possible.

After this, the Master told Josh to see the glove clearly in his mind’s eye and to surround it with light. Finally, El Morya told Josh, to give the visualisation to his angel who would take good care of it until it appeared in his life.

“There, it’s very simple, don’t you think?” said the Master.

Josh nodded but he really wasn’t so sure.

“Mister El Morya,” frowned Josh, “don’t you think it’s all a bit too easy?”

“The best things are, Josh.” replied the Master.

“But when do you think I’ll get my glove?” asked Josh.

The Master placed his finger over Josh’s lips, “Your glove will arrive when the time is right. Try not to worry about it. It’s far better to believe that you already have the glove, and then, it will be so. So, my advice to you, Josh, is to keep your words and   thoughts positive. Do you know that thoughts are things?”
Josh shook his head in amazement, “No!”

The Master nodded his dark eyes flashing, “So, from now on, watch what you say or you may find something unwanted in your life instead.”

Finally, Josh understood and smiled at the wise Master. And as he did, he felt something fall into his lap.

“Ugh!” shrieked Josh, “What’s that? Get it off! Get it off me!”

El Morya, couldn’t help himself and roared with laughter, “Don’t worry, Josh. It’s just a special delivery.”

Josh looked down and gasped. There in his lap, lay a brand new baseball glove, just as he imagined it and wrapped with gold ribbon.

“But…How…Can it be?” said Josh, confused.

“Well, I believe the post is a little quicker in the spiritual heavens!” replied the Master, his dark eyes twinkling.

st1-meet-masters_el-morya-picture-2-423x300“Thank you, Mister El Morya, thank you so much.” grinned Josh, trying the glove on for size.

“Wonderful!” said the Master, “I obviously don’t have to remind you about the importance of gratitude.”

Josh wrinkled his nose, “What’s that?” he asked.

“Giving thanks.” said El Morya. “Now, let’s go outside. I have one more treat for you.”

Josh followed the Master and moments later El Morya, pointed to the night’s sky and said, “Look! Do you see that moving light? You are about to meet Astra.”

“Who’s that?” asked Josh, “Is it an angel?”

“No.” said the Master, “Astra, is my horse.”

“A horse!” shouted Josh, jumping for joy.

“A flying horse,” smiled the Master, “And as a reward they will be taking you home.”

Josh was so happy with this news that he threw his arms around the Master and hugged him tight.

Astra landed beside them. El Morya smiled broadly and patted his beloved stallion. Astra snorted and lifted up his powerful, front legs.

Josh stared at the beautiful horse. Bathed in luminous, silver light, Astra was as white as milk.  Then Josh blinked and sighed in amazement. Astra had large, fairy-like wings, which fluttered so quickly, Josh could barely see them move.

El Morya lifted Josh on to Astra’s back, “Enjoy your trip back, my friend.” Smiled the Master, “We will meet again, soon. Until then, remember my words and watch your thoughts! I AM El Morya.”

Josh felt his angel sitting behind him, “Do you think I could have a lift back?” he teased.

ST1_MEET-THE-MASTERS_el-Morya-PICTURE-4Josh giggled at the very thought, “Okay.” he said and pushed his new baseball glove on to his hand.

The Master patted Astra, who gently lifted off into the air, swishing his silver tail. Josh waved to the Master who from below shone like a tall column of light.

“Catch!” the Master shouted and threw a rosy apple which Josh, caught with his new glove. “It’s for Astra. It’s a long journey, so give it to him on his way back.”

Josh nodded and waved and waved, until the radiant Master faded from view. Then Josh, Samuel and Astra galloped along the corridors of light, up and down, and around like an endless roller coaster.

Soon they saw the warm glow of Earth, “We’re home.” smiled Josh, staring in disbelief as Astra, landed on his garden lawn.

He gave the beautiful horse a kiss and giggled as he nuzzled him back, with a sloppy lick.

“Don’t forget the apple.” whispered Samuel. Josh showed the shiny apple to Astra and in two quick bites it was gone!

st1-Meet-the-masters_El-Morya-PICTURE-5Astra was so grateful he pawed the grass with his bright hoof and let out a long, contented snort.

“Shhh! Astra.” giggled Josh, who nearly fell over when he saw Samuel covering his ears with his fluffy wings.

“Quick.” said Samuel, “Climb through your window. You don’t want your mum to catch you in the garden with a flying horse! We’ll never hear the end of it.”

So Josh patted Astra, sad to see him leave but happy that he was returning to his beloved Master.

Then Samuel helped him through an open window and as he climbed the stairs to bed Josh, knew exactly what he would be asking for next. His very own flying horse!

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