Written by Joanne Boyle, illustrated by Cathelijne Filippo.

archie-the-naughty-bear-meets-archangel-raphael_clip_image002That night Josh had the most amazing dream.

He dreamt Samuel had taken him to a beautiful city of light, home to the Masters.

Everything was bathed in golden light and gigantic, clusters of crystals buzzed with energy.

In the centre of the city, stood a magnificent crystal cathedral. And he remembered Samuel, holding his hand and leading him to the entrance. Samuel told him he would have to enter the Cathedral on his own, as the Masters were holding a ceremony in his honour!

Two angels greeted him and ushered him down a long candlelit hall. Suddenly, realising, he would soon be meeting the wonderful Masters again, he began to racedown the hall as fast as he was able.

“Whoa!” said a deep voice, as a pair of strong arms stopped Josh in his tracks, “And where do you think you’re going?” Josh looked up and then had to look up, further still, because there before him stoodthe tallest being he had ever seen.

“Wow! A talking light house!” said Josh. “I must be dreaming.”

The tall being of light rocked with laughter, which sounded like gentle thunder.

“You’re not dreaming. I AM Metatron and I am not a light house. I am an Archangel, little one.

Now come along, there are some people waiting for you.”

A deep gong sounded and Josh found himself in a light filled hall. Josh looked up and smiled, as millions of stars twinkled back at him. Josh turned to see that the gigantic Archangel had disappeared, in his place were seated eleven, radiant Masters of light.

“Welcome Josh. I AM Lord Maitreya.” said a being at the head of the table.

“Hello Mister Maitreya.” replied Josh, who liked the Master, immediately.

The Master had a very happy face and a ray of golden light shone from his heart.

He wore a long white robe and had dark, smiling eyes.

archie-the-naughty-bear-meets-archangel-raphael_clip_image004“I believe your angel has already told you why you are here. And yes, tonight you will be our guest of honour.”

Josh nodded, he didn’t know what to say, so he just smiled at all their familiar faces.

They were all there. Sanat Kumara, Sananda, St Germain, Serapis Bey, Mother Mary, Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, Lady Nada, Quan Yin and El Morya.

The Masters smiled back at him and Mother Mary and Sananda, touched their hearts and bowed their heads to him. Josh, longed to run up and hug them all.

Lord Maitreya stood and walked towards him, “Dear Josh, we are so proud of you. And as one of our best students’, we have decided to give you some more gifts.”

The Master stepped aside as Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Lady Nada approached, each holding a large, old fashioned scroll in their hands. “These are a record of all your good deeds.” smiled Mary, as she began to unrolla never ending scroll!

archie-the-naughty-bear-meets-archangel-raphael_clip_image006Josh gasped, “I didn’t know I was so good.” and stared at the beautiful scroll, tryingto make sense of the strange, golden symbols. El Morya then stood before Josh, and in his hand he held a shiny apple. “It’s normal on Earth to give your favourite teacher an apple, is it not?” he said,”Well, as you are one of my favourite students’, please accept my gift.

Whenever you look at it, it will remind you to watch your thoughts. This is a special apple and willlast forever.” Next, there was a puff of smoke and in front of Josh, stood St Germain, who held a silver box. “For you.” he said, his violet eyes, shining, “Go on, open it!” Josh slowly opened the box and grinned when he saw what was inside. “Wow! It’s the violet flame. I knew you’d give me that. Thank you Mister Germain.”The Master bowed, “This flame will last forever.” he said, “Use it whenever you need.” Instantly, Sananda and Djwhal Khul were at his side. They held a candle as bright and as radiant as they both were. “This is no normal candle, Josh.” said Sananda, who cupped the flame with his hand as it flickered and danced. Then he stared into Josh’s eyes. Josh blinked thenrubbed his eyes in disbelief, as two candle flames appeared in the Master’s eyes. Djwhal Khul, smiled as he passed the candle to Josh, “We give you the eternalflame. Pass this gift of light to all you meet, Josh. And then, they to shall pass it onthemselves.”

Like the magical Masters, Josh said his thanks without speaking, instead he noddedand simply smiled.  Kuthumi was next to approach. In his hands he held a dove and without speakingasked Josh, to close his eyes. Josh did, then giggled as he felt a fluttery feeling abovehis head. And when he opened his eyes, to his amazement, the dove was no where to be seen.

archie-the-naughty-bear-meets-archangel-raphael_clip_image008“Hey, where did the dove go?” asked Josh, looking around. Kuthumi smiled, “Don’t worry, the dove is still with you. Remember, just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there.””So, you’re saying there’s a dove living in my body, Mister Kuthumi?”The Master laughed, “No Josh, it’s called a symbol. The dove is a symbol of peace.””Ohhhhhh.” nodded Josh, slowly understanding the Master’s words. Finally Serapis Bey, El Morya and Maitreya, walked towards him. And they showed Josh, three golden flames, that flickered in their palms.

The Master’s clasped their hands together and Josh gasped, as he watched the three flames become one.

“This is our final gift to you.” they said, and placed the pink, green and gold flame into Josh’s heart.

He closed his eyes and smiled as a gentle, warmth began to fill his body.

Then from faraway, Josh heard the sound of applause. He couldn’t tell where it was coming from and when he tried to look, the city of light and the Master’s began to blur and fade. Josh, felt a rush of energy and when he opened his eyes, he found himself back in bed.

Josh yawned, scratched his head and looked around his bedroom. Had he really visited the city of light? It couldn’t have been a dream? It just seemed so real.

“You’re right, Josh.” said a familiar voice from the shadows. It was Samuel.

“It wasn’t a dream. You really did visit the Masters in their city of light.”

Josh, slowly sat up in bed and then, noticed some bright lights in the corner of his room.

“Lights!” said Josh, in a half whisper, “Samuel, please tell me you can see them, too?” “Of course I can.” said Samuel, his eyes shining.

The brightly coloured sparkles hovered in the air, before gathering around Josh’s bed. There was a flash of light and Josh stared dumbfounded, as eleven, smiling Master’s stood at the end of his bed.

Lord Maitreya was the first to speak, “I hope you don’t mind us paying you a visit but you forgot your gifts.”Josh was unable to speak and he stared open mouthed as the Master gave him the apple, the golden scroll, the violet flame box on his bed.

“Thank you.” stuttered Josh, struggling to look at the radiant Master’s.

Sanat Kumara had noticed Josh’s discomfort and instantly materialised a pair of sunglasses and placed them on Josh’s nose, “Is that better?” he asked.

Josh put them on and nodded gratefully.Then from outside his window, Josh heard a loud snort. He knew immediately who it belonged to, “Astra!” he said, trying his best not to shout.

El Morya tip-toed across to the window, “I thought it was best to leave him outside!””He’s not alone, though.” said St Germain, “My dragon is keeping him company. I hope they won’t wake the neighbours!”

Josh giggled at the very thought. He had never felt so happy. Here he was with his beautiful angel and surrounded by eleven, new friends. This had to be the best pyjama party ever!

And he really didn’t mind that the magical Masters were too bright to look at, he knew that his eyes would soon get used to them, and hoped that they would always around. But heavy footsteps outside his bedroom door made Josh freeze. It was his Mum.”Joshua, who are you talking to at this time of the night? You go to sleep, young man. And how many lights do you have on in there? Turn them off. Or, I will come in and turn them off myself!”The Masters and Samuel, all held their breath. And from outside, even Astra and the violet dragon, stood perfectly still.

archie-the-naughty-bear-meets-archangel-raphael_clip_image010Josh jumped out of bed, ran to the door and held it shut, “No Mum. Sorry Mum.” he said, his eyes as big as saucers, “I’m going straight to bed now. Night Mum.” Josh, waited at the door and listened, and when he was sure his Mum had gone, let out a huge sigh of relief, “Phew!” he said and climbed back into bed. “Well, that was a close call.” said Djwhal Khul, “I think I may need a session on the fear removal machine myself, later!” Which made all the Masters laugh.

“Well, you heard what Josh’s Mother said.” said St Germain, stepping forward, his violet eyes twinkling mischievously, “I think it’s time we let young Josh go to sleep. After all, we don’t want anyone putting out our lights, do we?”

The Master’s found the very thought hilarious and they threw back their golden heads and laughed and laughed. And although, Josh felt sad at the thought of  them leaving, he joined in too, but covering his mouth with his hand so his Mum wouldn’t hear.

And then when the laughter had died down the Masters linked hands, rays of light  shining from their eyes and hearts.

“Goodnight, our friend.” they said together, “We are always near, guiding and protecting you. We have many missions that will need your expert help. So, until our next adventure…”

And then the radiant Masters were gone, returning to their temples of light, leaving  behind a golden trail of sparkly dust.

Josh’s eyes began to droop. It was well after mid-night and way past his bed-time. And as his eyes began to close, he noticed how the Master’s gifts shimmered with magical light. They glowed brightly, just like his beloved angel who smiled at him, before fading into a cloud of spinning lights, which danced their way home, into Josh’s heart.

From there, Samuel would keep him safe and secure until their next adventure. And when the Masters asked for help again. They would be ready.

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