Meet the Masters – Sananda.

Written by Jo Boyle, illustrated by Melanie McIntyre.

Josh ran upstairs to his room, squeezed his eyes shut and willed Samuel, his guardian angel to appear.  

Immediately, Josh heard the familiar ruffling of feathers, “You heard me!” smiled Josh.

“Of course I did.” replied his angel, “I am always with you.”

“So Samuel, which Master am I meeting tonight?”

Samuel, smiled serenely at his charge, “Tonight, we will meet a beautiful Master called Sananda. Have you heard of him?”  

Josh, thought long and hard and shook his head.  

“I suppose you’ve heard of Jesus.” teased Samuel, his crystal blue eyes, twinkling.

“Yes!” sighed Josh.

“Well, Jesus and Sananda are the same person. Sananda is just his new name.” said Samuel. He smiled lovingly at Josh, which made his light radiate more brightly. “So, be a good boy then and go to bed. The sooner you fall asleep, the sooner you will meet him.”

Josh, flung himself backwards on to his bed, staring at his beautiful angel, until his eyes slowly began to close and Samuel, faded from view. And then, together they flew through the warm night air, watching as the sky changed olour from blue, to purple and finally, to a sparkly pink, violet. In the distance Sananda’s temple shimmered with light.

meet-the-masters-sananda_clip_image002Samuel, landed beside a still, blue lake and together they watched in silence as the sun slowly began to set.  

Suddenly, Josh gasped and rubbed his eyes in disbelief as a radiant being of light, walked on top of the lake, towards them.

Josh yanked Samuel’s robe unable to speak, whilst Samuel, calmly gazed ahead, smiling serenely.        

meet-the-masters-sananda_clip_image004The being of light stretched their arms out to greet Josh and hugged him like an old friend. Josh was so filled with love that a tiny tear, ran down his cheek and he clung tightly to the Master, never wanting to let go.  

“Welcome Josh. I AM Sananda. I am very glad that you have come.”

meet-the-masters-sananda_clip_image006Josh looked up at the Master. He had the kindest face he had ever seen, even more than his grandpa. His eyes were piercing, blue and light shone all around him. Josh could even see rays of the clearest white light shine from his eyes, hands and heart. He looked just like a giant light bulb!  

“Shall we go for a walk?” asked the Master, taking hold of Josh’s hand.   Josh stared at the Master’s glowing hand and began to giggle, “It tickles!” he said as Sananda, smiled back at him.

Soon the pair approached a second lake and they stood at the edge, as the water began to lap around their feet.

Josh swallowed hard, he had heard the stories about Jesus and guessed what was coming next. And when he could bear the silence no longer, he blurted out, “You may be able to walk on water Mister Sananda, but I can’t!”

Sananda stared calmly at Josh, his beautiful eyes shining with love, “Do not worry, Josh. You are always safe. All I ask is that you follow me.”

But Josh looked unsure, “No, I’ll sink, I’ll drown even and…end up as fish food!”
This made the Master smile, “Do you think I would let that happen to you?”

“No but…” hesitated Josh, “I can’t swim and I don’t want to die, yet.”

“Josh you will never die.” replied the Master, crouching down beside him, “Don’t be afraid. I can tell you that soon you will be able to do all that I can do, and more.” “Really?” said Josh.

The Master nodded and together the pair placed their feet in the cool water. Josh stared up at the Master who squeezed his tiny hand, “Shall we?” asked Sananda.

Josh grinned and as they carefully strode towards the setting sun, Josh shouted, “Look, Mister Sananda. I can walk on water!” Josh’s laughter was so infectious, Sananda, found himself laughing hard, too.

meet-the-masters-sananda_clip_image008On they walked and when they reached dry land the Master turned to Josh, “Well done.” he said,” You have just passed an important test, dear one. You have learned to trust. Here, I have something for you.” And Sananda, placed a shimmering robe over Josh’s shoulders. Then with one wave of his radiant hand the surface of the lake became a giant mirror.

Josh stared wide eyed at his reflection and was amazed to see the robe change colour before his eyes.

“Why do the colours keep changing?” he asked.

“The robe is showing what you’re thinking.” said the Master, “It is also, showing all the positive lessons you have learned so far in your life.”

Josh was intrigued, “Really! What does the colour blue mean?”

“Kindness.” smiled the Master. “And pink?” said Josh, wrinkling his nose, “I thought that was just for girls’?”

Sananda laughed, “No. It is one of the best colours to have. It means you are a very loving soul.”

meet-the-masters-sananda_clip_image010This pleased Josh, who smiled proudly. Then the Master placed his bright hands on his shoulders, “It has been wonderful meeting you, Josh. Promise, you will visit me again soon? I AM Sananda. I shall look forward to seeing your new colours.”

With that, a ray of blinding light fell from the sky and surrounded the Master. He gave Josh a final wave and smiled before vanishing from sight.  

Josh stared at his reflection in the lake and grinned when he saw Samuel, reappear behind him.

He surrounded Josh with his strong wings and together they lifted into the pink stained sky. But as they flew back towards Earth a strong breeze began to blow.

“My robe!” wailed Josh, as the breeze grew stronger, removing different colours from his robe, “I’m losing my colours.”

Samuel smiled and held him close, “Don’t worry,” he said, “Your colours are going where they are needed most and at this moment the Earth needs a lot of love.”

Josh watched as a swirl of pink, danced around them before rising and then falling down, down to the Earth.

Samuel, felt Josh’s unease, “Now Josh, don’t be sad. You know, when you send out love, you’re not left with nothing. In fact, you receive more love in return.” And with that Samuel, kissed Josh on the cheek. “See!” he said, “Doesn’t that make you feel better?”
Josh nodded and cuddled up closer to his dear angel, as more and more colours were stripped from his robe. First silver, then gold, followed by green, and yellow. He watched as the colours danced towards the Earth, landing in different cities and different countries.

“Remember Josh,” whispered Samuel, “the colours go where they are needed most.”

Josh smiled and snuggled up to his angel. And before he knew it he found himself, tucked up safely in bed. He yawned and closed his eyes.  

Josh, slept very well for the rest of the night.  

He dreamt he was an artist painting the Earth in colours he had never seen before. As ever, Samuel was by his side holding the biggest tin of pink paint he had ever seen.

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