Meet The Masters – Sanat Kumara

Written By Joanne Boyle, illustrated by Melanie McIntyre.

meet-the-masters-sanatJosh’s mum closed the bedroom door and for a moment he lay still before sitting up in bed. Hugging his knees close he peered into the darkness.

“So, who are they again?” he whispered.

From the shadows Samuel, Josh’s guardian angel appeared.

“The Masters.” he said.

“The Ascended Masters.”

“When can I meet them?” asked Josh.

“Tonight,” said Samuel, “but first, close your eyes, go to sleep and we shall visit them together.”

Josh was almost too excited to sleep. Every night before bed, Samuel had told wonderful stories about the Masters and their amazing powers and at last he was going to meet them. Josh’s eyes became heavier and heavier and before he knew it, his arms were wrapped around Samuel’s neck as they flew towards the temples of light.

Gently, they landed beside a shining temple and were greeted by two beautiful, golden angels, who led them inside.

tara-and-her-guardian-angel_clip_image002_0001Josh rubbed his eyes in amazement. The temple was as bright as a star. Rays of light fell from the domed ceiling and shimmering bubbles floated around them.

“Come with us.” said the angels, as they took hold of Josh’s hands and led him to the middle of the temple, where a giant statue stood.

“Do you know who this is?” asked the angels.

Josh shook his head.

“This is Sanat Kumara.” replied the angels, “And this is his temple.”

Josh stared up at the lonely looking statue and decided, he felt very sorry for him.

“Do you think he is alright?” said Josh, “He must be very cold in there.”

Suddenly, a beam of brilliant light surrounded the statue. There was a loud cracking sound and Josh, rubbed his eyes in disbelief as a golden being stepped from the statue.

tara-and-her-guardian-angel_clip_image004_0001“Welcome Josh.” A voice from the light said, “I AM Sanat Kumara.”  

Josh’s mouth fell open, “Hello, Mister Kumara.” was all he could say.

The Master laughed and hugged Josh tight, “You can call me Sanat.”

Josh had to shade his eyes to look at the Master. Everything about him seemed golden. His skin, his hair, even his robe. But, it was his eyes that stood out. They were electric blue and great love shone from them.

Josh frowned and scratched his head, “Sanat, you look too young to be a Master. How old are you?”

Josh’s honesty made the Master laugh, “I am older than you can imagine, Josh.

“I am even older than the dinosaurs you love reading about so much.”  

Josh pulled his face in disbelief, “That old!” he shouted.  

Luckily, the Master was not offended and he smiled down at his young guest.

“Would you like to come on a journey with me?” he asked.  

Josh grinned and with a wave of the Master’s hand a large, golden bubble surrounded them and they floated up into the star filled sky.

“Where are we going?” asked Josh, unable to take his eyes away from the beautiful sights below.  

“Somewhere very special to me.” said Sanat Kumara, “We are going to look at the Earth, your home planet.”  

As they travelled the Master explained to Josh, that each Master had their own job and Sanat Kumara’s role was to send love and light to every person, animal and plant that lived on the Earth.  

“Phew!” said Josh, “That’s a lot of work.”  

The Master smiled, “Well, I do have plenty of help. The angels assist me, as do all the beautiful souls like yourself, who help by protecting the environment and sending their love to the earth, too.”  

Suddenly, a blinding light made Josh, shield his eyes, “What’s that?” he asked.

“The Earth.” replied the Master.  

Josh gazed at the sparkly trails of light which criss-crossed around the globe. He thought it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen and felt a great surge of love for the planet.

tara-and-her-guardian-angel_clip_image006_0001“I would like to help you with your work.” said Josh, tugging at the Master’s robe.

The Master stared deeply into Josh’s eyes, “I knew you would, Josh. You are a brave soul and will be perfect for a very special mission.”  

“Wow!” said Josh, “My own mission…like a special agent?”  

“Exactly.” replied the Master.  

“Will it be a dangerous mission?” asked Josh, all of a sudden feeling worried.

“Of course not.” said the Master, crouching down beside him, “I would never place you in danger. But it is an important mission. Are you up for it? What do you think, Josh?”  

Josh pressed his face close against the bubble and gazed at his beautiful, home planet. “Yes.” he said, firmly.

Sanat Kumara placed his hands on Josh’s shoulders, “Very well. Take one more look. It is time to return now.”

Quick as a flash, Josh and the Master found themselves back in the temple.  

“Now Josh,” said the Master, his blue eyes twinkling, “since you are my student, I will have to give you some homework.”  

Josh stared at the Master in dismay, which made Sanat Kumara chuckle, “Don’t worry, little one. I shall not give you too much to do.”

Josh, sighed with relief.  

“Your homework, will be to keep your environment clean.” said the Master.

“If you see litter on the ground then pick it up, even if it is not your own. And please remind your parents’ to recycle.”  

Josh seemed very pleased with his homework and smiled at the Master. But the Master had read his mind and laughed, gently. “I haven’t finished yet.” he said. “Your first mission is to clean your bedroom and keep it tidy. I’m sorry that your first mission will be the hardest!”  

Josh frowned and Sanat Kumara threw back his golden head and laughed. “Oh Josh, you are funny. Thank you for visiting me and look, right on cue. Your angel has returned. No doubt to take you back to your soon to be very tidy bedroom. I AM Sanat Kumara. Until we meet again.”  

The Master closed his eyes and began to whisper a sacred rhyme. Slowly, a ball of pulsating, blue light appeared between his hands. Josh blinked and then gasped. Sanat Kumara had created a tiny version of the Earth and was cradling it in his glowing hands. Then opening his eyes, he smiled and gently blew a stream of rose coloured light towards the tiny Earth, before finally, blowing it towards Josh’s heart, “A gift.” he said.  

Josh closed his eyes and sighed. He felt as if he was being wrapped up in a big, soft blanket.


Sanat Kumara bowed before Josh and then with a flash of light he was gone.  

The golden angels reappeared and led Josh to the main doors of the temple. But he couldn’t resist one last look and turned to wave at the Master’s statue.  

Moments later, Josh found himself back in his room as Samuel, placed him gently in bed.  

Josh rubbed his tired eyes. Something, strange in the middle of the room had caught his attention. Josh sat up in bed and scowled, “What’s that?”  

“Oh, do you mean the hoover?” said Samuel, innocently, “It’s a gift from the Master!” And he tried very hard not to laugh.    

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