Meet the Masters: Serapis Bey

Written by Jo Boyle & Illustrated by Maggie Waters.

Josh was very tired and after a bedtime story he fell into a deep sleep. And then, when he next opened his eyes he was in his angel’s arms and flying through the night’s sky.



“Where we going?” murmured Josh

“I think it’s time we met Serapis Bey.” said Samuel.

“Who’s that?” asked Josh, sleepily.

“He’s an Egyptian Master.” said Samuel, “Who is very, very wise.”

On hearing this news, Josh gasped, “Are we going to Egypt? Can we see the pyramids and some mummies? Can we, Samuel? Can we?”

But Samuel just smiled, “We’ll see.” he said.


Josh loved his night-time adventures and he hugged Samuel tight as they flew through the indigo sky. Soon the air grew warmer and it wasn’t long long before Josh, spotted three tiny triangles in the distance, glowing in the moonlight.


Josh recognised them immediately, “Look! Look! The pyramids!” he shouted.


Samuel, nodded and swooped down towards the ground, making Josh’s stomach lurch. Josh gasped. Sometimes flying with Samuel was like being on a fun fair ride.


Then with a bump the pair landed in a vast desert. A large statue shone brightly in the moonlight and Josh, noticed two tall angels standing guard beside it.



Josh had seen the statue once before, in a book at school. He remembered it was called the Sphinx! And his teacher had said it was very, very old.


Josh’s mouth fell open. He had never been so close to history before and if he just stretched out his hand he’d be able to touch it. He was about to take a step towards it when he felt Samuel’s hand on his shoulder.


“Usrael. Hariel.” he said, addressing the angels, “We have come to meet the Master.

May we pass?”


Staring at the powerful angels, Josh, suddenly felt afraid and in the darkness, he searched for his angel’s hand. Samuel reached out and squeezed it, reassuringly.


But the two angels didn’t move and didn’t speak. Time seemed to stand still and Josh realised he could hear his heart beating.


“What are they doing?” whispered Josh, when the silence became too much.

“They are looking at the purity of your heart.” replied Samuel.

“Looking?” said Josh, “I’m surprised they can’t hear it!” which made his angel smile.

“Don’t be afraid, they’re not as scary as they look and I think they really quite like you.”

“Really?” frowned Josh.

Samuel nodded and looked deeply into his eyes, “You have nothing to worry about.”


And Samuel was right. Usrael and Hariel, exchanged looks and nodded, “You may pass.” they said. They stepped aside, and standing in the temple doorway was a tall, being of light. Samuel gasped, “Master!” he whispered, and lowered his head in respect.


Josh stared up at the tall Master. He wore a long white robe and head-dress. His skin gleamed and rays of light blazed from his dark, wise eyes.


The Master opened his arms to welcome Josh, “Hello Josh, I AM Serapis Bey.”

Josh, smiled shyly, “Hello, Mister Bey.” he replied.


The Master smiled and gestured towards the dark desert, “Shall we? There is some work for us to do.”



Silently, the pair trudged deep into the desert and when Josh, finally turned to look back at his surroundings he was surprised to see the mighty Sphinx, look no bigger than a kitten.


Josh gazed up at the tall Master and smiled to himself. He felt very safe and very important in his company. And as they walked, Josh would steal a glance at the rather stern looking Master and he was sure he could see a twinkle of mischief in his dark eyes.


Soon, the dusty pair arrived at an enormous rainbow coloured pyramid. Serapis Bey stopped nearby and stroked his chin, “ Hmmm, shall we enter, Josh?”  he asked.




Josh was so excited at seeing a pyramid up close, he forgot to reply. Instead he stared at it open mouthed. But the Master questioned him again.


“Josh, shall we enter? It is your choice.”


Josh couldn’t wait to enter the pyramid, “Yes!” he said, barely able to hide his excitement.

“Very well.” said the Master. Pointing his finger, he drew a large square in the air and Josh, watched in amazement, as a door magically, appeared in the pyramid.

Then the door slowly opened and revealed the darkest doorway he had ever seen.


meet-the-masters-serapis-bey_clip_image007“Mister Bey,” said Josh, swallowing hard, “It looks very dark in there and I don’t like

the dark. In fact, I think there could be some Monsters or a Mummy, hiding in there

waiting to grab me!”


The Master gazed at Josh and in the moonlight, he could see that his eyes were

twinkling, “A Mummy, Josh? I promise you there are no such things in that pyramid.

But yes, it is very dark in there, so I will ask you once again, would you like to

continue? It’s your choice.”

Josh, stared at the doorway. And swallowed hard. He had always been afraid of the

dark and even with the Master by his side he could feel goosebumps and lots of them!


If only Samuel was by his side he’d know what to do.

Suddenly, in his mind’s eye, Josh saw Samuel’s smiling face and heard his voice loud and clear, “Be brave.” he said in Josh’s head, “I promise you there is nothing to be scared about.”

Josh grinned. Although he couldn’t see his angel he knew he was with him and that he would be safe. He knew it was the time to confront this fear. And with that he nodded his head and took a step forward.

The moment Josh, made his brave decision Serapis Bey, clapped his hands and instantly, three flaming torches appeared and lit up the dark passageway.



Josh gasped, “Wow! Where did they come from?”


The Master smiled, mysteriously, “They were there all the time, dear one.” he replied, “Well done, you have managed to pass another test tonight.” And with that, Serapis Bey led Josh, through the passageway and into the golden pyramid.



meet-the-masters-serapis-bey_clip_image010“And look who’s been waiting for you?” said the Master, his deep voice echoing around the vast chamber.


Josh turned and grinned, “Samuel!” he shouted, and ran into his guardian’s arms.


“I’m so proud of you.” said Samuel, his crystal blue eyes filled with love.

“And so am I.” said the Master, “You’ve mastered your fear and showed great courage, Josh. It’s one of the hardest things to do. Very well done.”


Josh smiled up at the Master and as he did, he saw a bright star, twinkling at him through a hole in the roof of the pyramid. “Look!” said Josh, pointing at it.


“That’s the star Sirius.” said the Master, “When you’re older I shall take you to visit it. Would you like that?”



Josh, thought for a moment before replying, “Well, only if it’s my choice!” he said, trying not to laugh.


Serapis Bey, laughed warmly, “Very good, Josh. I see you are a quick learner. I have a feeling you will be visiting Sirius, much sooner than expected.”


Then the Master looked deeply into Josh’s eyes, “It has been a pleasure to meet you.

I AM Serapis Bey, forever, at your service.”


With that he opened his palm and showed Josh a tiny white flame. Josh’s eyes opened wide and then the Master placed the flame on Josh’s head and he listened

to it crackle before it slowly disappeared from view.



“A gift.” said the Master, then there was a blinding flash and the Master was gone.


On their way home, Josh and his angel were thrilled to be joined by several, ghostly dolphins who weaved around them as they travelled home. Slowly they faded from view and before he knew it Josh, found himself back in bed.

“Oh no!” sighed Josh, “I didn’t get to see any mummies.”

“I thought you were scared of them? asked Samuel, tucking him up in bed.

“Not anymore.” grinned Josh.

“Well, that’s good,” smiled Samuel, “Because in the morning you will get to see one.”

“What do you mean?” asked Josh, frowning.


“Your Mummy.” grinned Samuel, “Oh, and your Daddy, too!”

“Oh Samuel!” groaned Josh and turned over in bed.


                                                                                                                    The End


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