Miracles Do Happen

Written by Jan Dalley, illustrated by Lisa Dickinson.

miracles-do-happen‘Janey! Janey! Get out from under that bed and get your nose out of that book, I want you to run an errand’ said Mum.

‘But this is the most exciting part of the story, George has just been kidnapped, I have to find out what happens.’

‘You can find out when you get back,’ was the reply. I loved reading stories about the Famous Five and had been lucky enough to borrow  Five go to Mystery Moor from the library. I slid reluctantly from under the bed where I had been hiding, her tone of voice demanding instant action.

tara-and-the-naughty-dragon_clip_image002What does she want now?

Since receiving my bike I had inherited a new portfolio as the official family errand girl. ‘I want you to get four pieces of fish and four shillings worth of chips for dinner.’ Mum handed me a five pound note.  

I have no change and this is a lot of money. ‘Don’t you dare lose it.’ I placed the money in the pocket of my shorts and wheeled my new bright red Kookaburra bike to the gate. 

Our home stood at the base of a steep hill; a deterrent to the elderly who seldom climbed it, preferring to take a longer path.  I pushed the bike up the hill stopping for a minute at the top, to catch my breath. The ride was easier from here, taking me past the local Primary School which was just recently finished. 

Thirty five newly planted gum trees already four foot in height, stood proudly framing the pathway, leading directly to the neighbourhood shops. Friday evening was always busy at the Fish and Chip shop. 

I waited in line, impatient to get back to my book. After what seemed hours I was finally presented with my order.  

tara-and-the-naughty-dragon_clip_image004I placed the change back in the pocket of my shorts and hurried outside, the alluring aroma overwhelmed my senses. Fish and chips were such a treat. Perhaps I should try one just to make sure they are up to their normal standard. Hmm, on second thought I had better not. I peddled home as fast as I could; dark grey clouds now filled the horizon threatening rain and down it came just as I pushed open the gate to our home. ‘Hi Mum, I’m home’.  

I placed the fish and Chips on the table and gave her the change. She looked tired and stressed. Financial worries had plagued her since emigrating from England to Australia in 1954. ‘Where’s the rest of it?’ she yelled, her face frozen with anxiety. ‘Where are the notes? Janey we need the money!!!  How are we going to live till next pay day. I was speechless. ‘Get out! 

Get out and don’t come back till you’ve found it…  You wait till your Father gets home,’ she finished, literally shooing me out of the front door. How could I have lost it? I returned to my bike, tears cascaded down my face I, sobbed uncontrollably.

Sunday school was a weekly ritual I really enjoyed and where I had been taught that all prayers are answered.   If anyone could help me Jesus could. I started to pray.  ‘Jesus I know you’re there, please help me I desperately need a miracle.’

tara-and-the-naughty-dragon_clip_image006Grey clouds continued to dump their heavy load running down my head, mingling with my tears. My shorts and blouse stuck to my skin I was drenched. Gusts of wind whirled about me as I struggled to get up the hill.  I started to cycle past the primary school, when I heard a voice say quite distinctly

‘Get off your bike here!’   

There before me at the base of a gum tree lay the four paper pound notes.   I fell to my knees and picked them up quickly before they blew away. ‘Thank you! thank you Jesus!’ I cried, ‘thank you for my miracle.’                   tara-and-the-naughty-dragon_clip_image008I got home just before my Father quite bedraggled and exhausted I handed my mother the money; she said nothing quickly putting it back in her purse, but her eyes displayed her relief. 

The Famous Five mystery would have to keep for another day.  My spiritual journey had begun, where loving guidance coupled with my thirst for knowledge forged many new paths to explore. Jesus, the angels and other ascended masters, love you very much and wish to help you.  If you are worried or concerned ask for their guidance and help. It will always be given… sometimes in an unexpected way.                 Note from the author: This is a true story, I was 9½ years old. I am now 65, and am eternally grateful for the help and assistance that I have received throughout my life. Love, Light and Blessings to all. Jan Dalley.

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