Dear Diana,

My son is 12 years old. His teacher says he’s been doing very badly at school. He seems to be always confused, never pays attention and never completes his work. He is also very lazy. According to his Doctor he does not have ADHD or any learning difficulties, but he is a very anxious child. He’s become very frustrated. Its really wearing me out. Please help.

Hola Shay

Sorry to hear your son is having a challenging time at the moment. The obvious question is have you sat down and spoken to him about what is going on? I presume you have? He may benefit from some healing such as Reiki and at 12 it is fine for him to have this. He will be picking up on your energy of frustration by the way so you need to start changing how you react to his behaviour! Use positive affirmations to help you cope, creative visualisation to see him doing well and being happy, ask your Guardian Angel to speak to his Guardian Angel and ask that he starts to show how special and wonderful he actually is. Also, please be aware words carry energy so by saying he is lazy, anxious and so on creates more of this energy! It is more powerful to shower him in love and light and tell him how unique he is and how much you love him (even on the days you find it challenging!) I feel this situation is temporary but it feels as if it is a life lesson for you so look into what you are learning from it. Good luck>

Penny Wing
Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation

Love & Celestial Blessings
Penny xx

Celestial Light Academy, Orihuela Costa, Costa Blanca