Thankyou Diana,

From when I was 15yrs of age I realised I had (3) three names.

1. The name I was called (Maureen) and still use today.
2. The name that is on my birth certificate (Maria).
3. The name given to me (Indigenous) by my family (we are only known by one name (no surname).

Is there a reason for this?

Thankyou Diana

Dear Maureen,

The name that we use is vitally important as each letter of our name carries a vibration which is bringing us a lesson. Our soul chooses our name before birth, as it is choosing the lessons that we are to undertake in this life. I feel that you are aware of this, or you would not be questioning it. Go into meditation, tune into your Higher Self and check which name is the correct name for you. It would be interesting to find out from your parents if you can ask them, why they gave you the two different names. Was it accidental or intentional? If it was intentional then it seems that your soul wanted the lessons of both names. You will find detailed information on the meanings of the letters of your name in Diana’s book “A New Light of Ascension”

Angelic Blessings, Susan