Dear Diana,

I think that God send me to your page because this has me bothering since high school when I became more aware of life on earth. Last year in November our 2 year old daughter died. It was hardest death I witness. From my family only my father is alive. Every time that happened I know that they are in good hands and I often said that is harder to us who stays, like I want to join them to.

I know that we all have why we come but it is so pointless to me. I feel like I come here by accident because my mom miscarried before me 2 children and after me 1, and it was pure coincidence due to advice that she didn’t me too.

I don’t know what is to me to do. What will make me enjoy more (Like fish in water), what is my water, my air when life is hard. I am prone to art but I don’t want to spend my earth life finding what interesting me because it is short. And I get thrilled thinking about something and then it all subsides and I am worn out. In numerology my master number is 11 and it write about highly intuitive. But I don’t feel it. Also I am interested in angels and one woman said that I maybe have blockage about seeing things because I am afraid of angels due to something in my childhood.

I will be most thankful and I know a huge part will fall off my shoulders if You would answer my messages and give me some guide.

Sorry for long letter and thank you and God bless you and Your colleagues.

Lots of love. 🙂

Iva from Croatia

Hola Iva

I am so sorry to read that you lost your young daughter last year. To lose a child must be the most painful experience and only an enlightened soul would choose to go through this. I suggest you find someone to talk to about your loss as it feels as if you are naturally still grieving and unable to see any joy. Sometimes talking bereavement through with a counsellor or trusted friend can help to lighten the load. 

You are a  number 11 in numerology which is a Master number – this indicates you did not choose an easy journey on this planet BUT there is no reason to go through all this heartbreak alone. Ask your Angels to send the perfect people to help you at this time. Good luck!


Penny Wing 
Master Teacher 
Diana Cooper Foundation     

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