Hi Diana,

I am very sad because my dog, Archy died on Christmass 2014, two months ago, he was like my little brother. I am very sad because I met my boyfriend recently, and have job that takes up a lot of my free time, and I haven’t been dedicated to Archy as usual. I really missed him a lot and if I can just turn back time to give him a big kiss and a big hug, he was my little heart and my friend :(. I miss him so much. He was 11 years old when he died, In one night, he got sick… We now have new puppy. We love him very much, but Archy…

Do you believe that he watch me from haven? And he knows how much I miss him and I love him:(

Dear Friend,

I am sure that Archy knows that you loved him very much. He will be very happy to know that you have a new puppy to share your life and to give that same love to. In fact, it is very likely that Archy arranged for the new puppy to come to you in order to heal your sadness at his passing. Enjoy your puppy knowing that Archy is enjoying watching you both.

Angelic Blessings