Relax and connect to Archangel Michael

15 Minute Meditation

The aim of this fifteen minute relaxation is to enable you to connect with Archangel Michael, preferably before you go to sleep, so that you remain within his energy during the night.  This enables him to download his qualities into you so that you feel stronger, calmer, more confident and courageous, empowered and able to speak your truth.  He also works on your throat chakra to light up the innermost chamber of Trust in God and open you up to who you truly are.

First Diana takes you into a deep relaxation while you are protected by Archangel Michael’s deep blue energy.  Then she guides you to his etheric retreat where you meet him and he passes his qualities of light into you.

When the download ends you can drift into sleep or relaxation enfolded in Archangel Michael’s wings or you can return to your day refreshed and stronger.

The more often you listen to this download the deeper your connection with Archangel Michael and the more you will embody his qualities.

The price for this is 99p

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