Hi Diana,

I had to contact you. Oh wow I got such good vibes from your website and your wonderful work on it. I wonder if you have anymore information about how to protect yourself or any books you recommend. I think I am under attack from a bad man who is using black magic to harm me and I am scared so I need help.

Much appreciate anything you can tell me as a healer and visionary and I am so pleased that you are helping others.

Love and light


Dear Petrice,

There are many books to be found on protection and many ways of protecting yourself. You can use angels, sacred symbols,crystals, and may other forms.

Protection is only as strong as your belief in it. So it is a matter of finding a protection that you have total faith and belief in. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection. Examples of protection that Archangel Michael offers include a deep blue cloak of protection that totally engulfs us from head to toe, a shield of protection placed to infront, behind to the left and right of us, above and below us. Michael will also provide a beautiful sapphire blue bubble of protection to surround the outside edge of our aura. It is good practice to invoke our chosen form of protection every morning as part of our spiritual practice.


Susan Rudd
Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation