Purity and Innocence

Dear Diana,

I have a strong desire to be pure and innocent. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I have felt like this my whole life. Sometimes I feel deeply sad because I am afraid that people do not see me as either one and it is really important to me. I have heard you mention these qualities in your books on unicorns, and you mention that some rare people and children have it. Is it silly that I feel this way? How can I myself express this energy? What do purity and innocence truly mean? Thanks.

Dear Amy,

Purity and Innocence are Divine qualities that each soul needs to cultivate in order to become ascended.

You will find more information on how to create a pure and simple life in Diana’s book, A New Light on Ascension. Do not worry how others perceive you, that is not your concern, and will hold your soul progress back. It certainly is not silly to feel that you wish to live a pure life, this is your soul urging you to move fully onto the ascension path.



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