Hello Diana,

How are you, I have questions about unicorn, I keep seeing a unicorn, a special one with me in my meditation and she has this beautiful armour on her face, her name is Leila. The angels told me she is mine in heaven. What will happen with this unicorn in the meditation and what does it represent????? Is there a book I could read to get more information?

Sincerely Debbie

Hello Debbie,

How wonderful you are connecting with unicorns. They step forward when people are starting to work at a soul level so good for you! Diana has written a book called “The Wonder of Unicorns” and you will get all the information you need from that book. If you feel your unicorn is called Leila then that is their name! Enjoy connecting with them – it is magical and creates big energy shifts

Penny Wing

Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation