Dear Diana,

I have been in a very dark space for the last few years due to unemployment and relationship troubles, no matter how are I pray I seem to be stuck. I keep asking for my angles for help as I know i am getting so depressed that i cannot see the wood for the trees anymore, I am 38 and my career is falling apart, my self esteem is rock bottom, at this stage of my life i thought i would be married with a child, I see my friends happy married and successful, I cannot understand why it has all gone wrong and no matter how hard i try it keeps staying this way, I spend my days applying to things just to be turned down. All i want is guidance from my angels so i can make the right decision and hopefully find some happiness. How do i make them hear me? What is happening to me is changing who I am, I have become a much darker,sadder person, and I dont trust anymore, i just always think the worst, I want to be happy but i dont think it will ever change.

Dear Friend,

Your angels can hear you very clearly but cannot help you when you surround yourself in fear energy, focus on the worst, and do not trust. Please surround yourself in golden light, calm and centre yourself. Then think of all the things that you can be grateful for and no matter how bad life seems, there will be something! When you start to do this regularly, the angels will be able to bring you more things to be grateful for. When your mind is calm you will be able to hear the prompting of the angels. Watch for the signs that they send you as they are already trying to tell you that they are there for you but as you focus on the negativity, you miss their signs.

Wishing you many Angelic Blessings, Susan