Hi Diana! Such a pleasure to be able to communicate with you. I have lots of your cd’s, several books & Atlantis & unicorn (my fave) cards. I am have written a memoir about my son who has passed. It is a true story & I am still searching for answers for how a parent can heal grief. I woke up one day & wrote this book. I found you (still don’t know how) & I keep buying your things & books on geometry (don’t know why) Got a feeling I have a connection to make to help others… can you help? Thank you.

Hola Donna

Firstly I am very sorry to read about the passing of your son. Regardless of what we believe about the soul living on it is still very painful when we lose someone especially a child. For you to have gone through this it feels as if you are an evolved soul who wishes to be of service to others possibly helping other parents who have gone through the same challenging journey? Traumatic events also open us up spiritually so it sounds as if you are starting to connect with why you are here. Remember to ask the Angels to lighten the load on the days when it is heavy. God bless


Love and light

Penny wing
Master teacher
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