Hi Diana,

A few months ago whilst doing violet flame healing on a customer I channelled a symbol that i wasn’t familiar with and ever since I have been guided to use it on my customers.

I do not know what this symbol is and i had never seen it anywhere before. I bought your Atlantis cards a few weeks ago and they have the symbol on them! It is the spiral/swirl shape. I was wondering if you could share with me what this symbol is?

Many thanks and magical blessings,

Amy McColgan x

Dear Amy,

When the planet finally ascends it is predicted that a crystal cap will descend from the heavens onto the top of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. The energy from this crystal cap will spiral out round the world passing through and connecting all the sacred sites on the planet such as Stonehenge, Machu pichu and so on. The effect of this will create the final energies needed for the ascension of the planet. The spiral represents these energies.


Penny Wing
Master Teacher at Diana Cooper Foundation