I wondered, does this description ring any bells for you? The first impression is of countless narrow spires of varying heights clustered together. There is a narrow street. You go through one of the entrances under a spire. There is no door but from the outside the interior looks dark. As you go in you discover light comes down in beams. There is a corridor, lit up, more like in a cavern. On the ground in the lobby area geometrical shapes are drawn and there are countless crystals embedded in the walls. If you stand under one of the spires and look up you see it is lit up. If you ascend up through the spire you discover it is lined with quartz crystal and this reflects light. When you emerge at the pinnacle of the spire and look round you can see the tops of many spires. The buildings are constructed so that the points of the spires form an image of the stars of a constellation, and from above looking down the image would be of a constellation. This is, maybe, guessing, Orion.

I just wondered if this description sounds familiar.



Dear Jennifer,

This place is obviously very relevant to your soul as you can describe it so clearly. My feeling is that it is linked to the Atlantean era. Souls from the whole universe volunteered to take part in the experiment that became Atlantis. Your soul would be one of those that originated from Orion. This may be why you see the constellation of Orion.

Angelic Blessings

Master Teacher 
Diana Cooper Foundation