The Angel-for-a-Day Adventure

By Jennifer Crokaert


Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, you’re an Angel?” when you do something good?


While Angels have amazing powers, they also need our help.  When we love, share and help, we are acting with the Angels.  We are Angels on earth.  Every time we think, speak and act with love, we show others how Angels speak and how Angels act. We are helping the Angels spread their love in the world.


So we would like to invite you to take part in our Angel-for-a-Day Adventure!  Here’s how!


Choose one day, it can be a school day or a weekend: whichever you prefer.  For that one day, imagine you are an Angel.  For that one day, your job is to spread love thorough little Acts of Kindness.


You can choose Acts of Kindness that you like:  it could be talking to the shy kid in your class, it could be visiting a relative, helping with chores, or sharing your toys… The list is endless!  You can do as many or as few Acts of Kindness as you like.


Then, at the end of the day, before you go to sleep, think back over your day.  Did you have fun today?  What was the best part of your day?  What would you like to do again?


We would love to know how your adventure goes, so please do write in and let us know about your Angel-for-a-Day Adventure, then we can share your story with all our other Angels on earth!


Artwork by Gerard Browne



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