The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame Affirmation

As you affirm I AM you are declaring that your God self is in alignment with that quality or person.  In the following I AM affirmation Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain have once more upgraded the Gold and Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation to a higher frequency. Here is the very powerful I AM affirmation which replaces the Gold and Silver Violet Flame affirmation.

This amazing affirmation will help you to draw to yourself the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame.

  • I AM the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame
  • I AM the Flame of Mercy
  • I AM the Flame of Joy
  • I AM the Flame of Oneness
  • I AM St. Germain
  • I AM Gabriel Zadkiel

When you affirm this with energy and force, you will observe your life changing as all your old habits are transmuted and grace enters.

Service work with the Cosmic Diamond Violet FlameYou can say this during meditation or even when you are walking, or standing in a queue. Send it to people, places and situations to bring the whole world into the fifth dimension.

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