The Diana Cooper School of White Light

The Diana Cooper School of White Light

In 2001 it was an exciting moment when the angels asked me to start the Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension (now a Foundation). With no knowledge or experience of writing training courses but with much enthusiasm and faith I set about the task.  Now we have attracted many wonderful teachers who are also skilled in course writing!  We have expanded to include training courses in Transform Your Life, Golden Atlantis, Unicorns, Beyond 2012 and are planning more, including Sound Healing.

We now have nearly 1000 teachers throughout the world and many Master Teachers, who are qualified to certify the teachers they train.  We are living our mission statement given to me by my guide Kumeka ‘to spread the light of Angels, Ascension and the sacred mysteries of the Universe.’

In 2014 we changed our name to the Diana Cooper Foundation and marked it with a wonderful ceremony.  We have teachers spreading the light all over the world.

Originally I wrote and taught the certified courses.  Then the angels asked me to reach more people. I meditated for some weeks, asking for guidance about the highest way for it to progress and was told that the fifth dimensional way to help the Foundation was to hand it over to its members.  This I did.  I agreed for some years to remain the Principal but did no more certified teaching.  When the teachers took over they unstintingly shared their incredible gifts and skills, expanding it into something I could never have done by myself.  It has been truly inspiring to watch it evolve and know so many spiritual teachers have co-operated to build it.  I am proud and delighted to have been a part of it.

We set up a new structure and made it into a not for profit organisation.  The Master Teachers developed my books into teacher training manuals.  I owe them a huge debt of gratitude and totally acknowledge their dedication and hard work.

I was very happy to hand the position of Principal of the Foundation to Elizabeth Ann Morris, who ran the Foundation with two deputy teachers, Jillian Stott and Aleja Fischer, all wonderful light beings.  These wise beings have now moved on following their highest guidance to continue working on their own projects.  A new team of Principal teacher has been formed who are running the Foundation in a fifth dimensional co operative way.  The new Principals are Carol De Vasconcelos, Fumi Grace Joy Finch, Mildred Ryan, Susanne Rudd and Ulla Niskanen.  I am now the Founder of the Diana Cooper Foundation!

Working with Mother Mary, Melchizedek and Metatron

One of the highlights of the past few years happened during one Master Teachers’ reunion in Findhorn.  We were meditating together on a rock in the river where Archangel Gabriel has his retreat.  Mother Mary appeared in our circle and gave me a pink rose with a golden heart.  She told me the Foundation had earned the right for her rose to be our logo and she was overlighting our work.  Most of us saw Mother Mary and the rose and we were able to reproduce it perfectly.

Since then we have been very blessed that Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizidek have joined Mary in overlighting the Foundation.  They can be felt at our meetings and their Orbs are often captured shining light onto us.  They tell us that we carry the triple ascension flame.

11.11.11 in Luxor

In 2011 Serapis Bey asked us to hold a ceremony in the Luxor Temple on 11.11.11 at 11.11.  This generated a wave of excitement.  This was an instant in time when the entire Universe was silent and the portals of heaven opened allowing pure Source energy to flow into the planet in preparation for 2012.  Unimaginable things including miracles can take place.  Archangel Metatron was with us.  We had special access to the Temple the night before to prepare for the extraordinary cosmic moment.  As a Foundation we felt privileged to have that opportunity which was orchestrated by the spiritual realms and it was a wow experience.

Special Tasks For The Universe

Because of the light we carry as a Foundation, we are sometimes asked by the spiritual realms to undertake special tasks.  One was to clear the ice from Neptune which held the fear from the fall of Atlantis.  This was blocking the wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria from reaching Earth.  This was a very important piece of light work and after our initial work many Lightworkers who were not from the Foundation  also participated in the meditations to dissolve the ice.  The percentage cleared went up week by week until only 3%was left at which point the teachers of our School were asked to do a ceremony at Tara, which is connected to Neptune, to release the final bit and celebrate the return of the wisdom – and we performed a massive ceremony.  Now we are teaching about the wisdom of Golden Atlantis and helping to draw back the gifts and talents held by so many people from that era.  I have been drawing through my physical heart the pain and grief of the fall which remains in the collective consciousness and this is in order to enable more people to connect directly with the cosmic heart.  We are so blessed to have such assignments offered to us.

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