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Hi Diana

I really need your help. I feel stuck and cannot move on. I lost my job almost 2 years ago and in a few months I will lose my unemployment benefits because of new unemployment rules in Denmark. I have always believed that when a door is shut, other doors will open for me, but it has not happened yet. All I want is to find out what the purpose of me and my life is.

What am I supposed to do? I think that the Danish society is heading in the completely wrong direction in which the weakest (the sick, the unemployed and all weak people) are treated poorly. The whole world is in the wrong direction and it seems like that very few and powerful people are running the world.

Deep in my Heart I know that I need to focus on the good. I know very well that the universe only wants what is best for me and for all living beings. My financial situation makes everything difficult and I cannot just do what I want to do and it will only get worse when I lose my benefits in a few months. So what can I do?

I need to know that everything is as it should be, and that I will find my true path of development, and that me and my family will be okay. I spoke with a clairvoyant who told me that this was my year of destiny and that I would get help from the angels in September but this has not happened. I have seen lots of white feathers in my garden. Do you think this is a sign that the angels is with me? I try to connect with unicorns every night before I go to sleep but do not know if they are helping me?
Can you reassure me a little?

Love and light

Dear Tina,
The angel feathers are a sign that the angels are with you and doing as much as they can under the spiritual laws to help your situation. It may be that you have a soul contract to experience the situation that you are facing now, it may be a test of your faith or it may be that deep down you do not believe that you deserve help from the angels.

Make the affirmation every day, ” I am deserving” Ask the angels to help you pass through this time with ease and grace. Know that there is a new job for you and do not get hooked into the collective consciousness belief of lack.


Susan Rudd

Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation

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