Toto and the Children sing at Old Peoples Home

Written by Betty Clarke

Toto the Angel dog was happy living at the Down Town Care home. He had been living there for a few months now and had helped all the children to connect and talk each day to the Angels. They all had met their own Guardian Angels and knew their names.   Mama Rosa and Uncle Joe loved having Toto living at the Care Home. Now that Uncle Joe had come home from hospital and was taking care of his heart, with less of Mama Rosa’s delicious cakes and more walks in the woods with Toto the Angel Dog, the doctors at the hospital were very happy with his progress.

Toto knew that his mission here on earth at the Down Town Care home was going really well and he knew that he would be given another mission soon, but for now he was thrilled as he played every day with the children. He especially loved Sarah, who was like the leader of the children. She was just 7 years old, but seemed very wise for her years. She took great care of Emma, who at 5 was very small for her age and looked like many of the fairies Toto often talked to when he was walking in the woods with Uncle Joe.

The boys loved to play ball with Toto, especially Mickey, who seemed to always have a football by his side and secretly wished to Toto that he was going to play for ‘Manchester United’ someday. How ever they were barked Toto as he always encouraged Mickey to practise as he kicked the ball far away. Mickey was a skinny lean happy 7 years old, which slept in his red football jersey.

The other boys were all different, yet all got on great together. Joshua never liked doing anything to strenuous, but would much rather be in the kitchen cooking with Mama Rosa, always talking about new recipes for his cooking. He was much fatter than most 8 year old boys, but he was always smiling as he cooked, so Toto knew that Joshua was happy there.

While both Barrack and Danny were 6 years old, they were totally different. Barrack always singing and humming a tune to himself, while Danny rarely spoke, preferring to draw his amazing pictures of the others playing ball, as he sat at the side line watching them. Danny was autistic and didn’t speak much, but did talk to Toto the Angel dog and the fairies in the woods with his mind. Telepathically it was called on earth; Toto knew that Danny was very gifted and sensitive all, at the same time.

One evening shortly after dinner, while all the children were in the kitchen with Mama Rosa and Uncle Joe, Doctor Geno called with his wife Margie. The doctor and his wife had not children of their own and loved to call for tea and taste Mama Rosa delicious baking.

Toto the Angel dog was relaxed on the rug just in front of the fire. He was happy inside. He knew the children were all doing well and the Angels were very happy with them. Toto could see each one of the children’s Guardian Angels lights behind their shoulders as they watched over them.   Doctor Geno was happy with Uncle Joe’s health and his progress.

He told Uncle Joe that he had been over to the old peoples home that day and he felt that the residents needed a bit of cheering up.

Would it be ok if the children called around there and sang some songs for them? Uncle Joe and Mama Rosa thought it was a great idea, but the children would have to practise some songs first so that they would know exactly what to do. Perhaps the children could do some dancing and singing in their little show for the older people.

The children were all excited and Toto started to bark as he joined in the fun, by running around the kitchen. Sarah took charge with her pen and paper as she made a list of the songs they could sing.

She gathered all the children on the rug beside Toto in a circle, as they left the adults at the kitchen table. The children spent the next week every evening planning the show, they would perform the following Sunday at the old people’s care home.

Early on the Sunday morning, Uncle Rob collected everyone in his minibus and brought them to the Care Home.  With the help of Mama Rosa and Doctor Geno’s wife, Margie, all the children changed into their costumes.  These were made from old white bed sheets, Mama Rosa had sworn into gowns for each of the children. Each of the children had their faces gleaming white and hair combed. Even Barrack with his fuzzy wiry black hair had his filled with lots of hair gel, to help flatten it down and show off his smiling face.

The nurses and Doctor Geno helped to gather all the old people gather in the large day room. It was a big bright airy room, where the patients normally watched TV or had parties. Many of the older people were in wheelchairs and a few of them had been wheeled down in their beds. They were all delighted and thrilled to see all the beautiful children and their little dog, Toto the Angel Dog waiting for them.

They all sat around in a big circle, as Sarah took charged and organised the children as they appeared at the top of the room. There she told everyone how Toto the Angel Dog had come into their Care Home a few months ago, and had helped them all discover their Guardian Angels own light. So in honour of Toto the Angel Dog, she wanted to introduce the children from the Down Town Care Home.

She had named their group ‘Singing Angels Set‘ and hoped everyone would enjoy their show.

Toto the Angel Dog was thrilled. He barked loudly ‘Woof,   Woof….Woof … thanks Sarah… the Angels are so happy….they are all gathered here to hear you sing…..Woof…Woof ….Woof….’ Toto said. Toto sat down beside Uncle Joe’s feet and watched the children.

All the children then sang their song:

Touch your heart and you will know,Your Guardian Angel loves you so. We’re all so different, each with our own name,Yet deep down inside we’re all the same.Our skin may be coloured – brown, black or white,Whether we aged seven or seventy five,Each one is surrounded by a white light. The light of our Guardian Angel at our side,Watching and loving us every day of our life. So be happy today, sing from your heart love and light,Watch the Angels, see  their magic grow,Sing with us and all the Angels todayHelp spread their love, joy and light,Watch them send blessings to all that you know. Touch your heart and you will know,Your Guardian Angel loves you so.   Everyone was thrilled and clapped with delight. Sarah led the children as they sang ten songs in total. When the concert was over, lots of the old people had tears in their eyes. They were so happy to be entertained and to hear the beautiful voices of the children. When the singing was over, the children changed back into their own clothes and everyone watched as Barrack entertained them as he danced his Michael Jackson dances in the centre of the room.   After the concert the nurses organised a big fancy tea party, with lots of cakes, fancy biscuits and ice cream.  All the children talked to each of the old people and the nurses. Mama Rosa and Uncle Joe were so proud of them.

They all watched as little Danny, who was usually very shy and didn’t mix with people, as he sat down beside old Mr Higgins. There he drew pictures for Mr Higgins, who couldn’t speak much, because he was ill from a stroke. Together they sat and seemed to be able to communicate, so well without words. Sarah was so excited, as she told Mama Rosa and Uncle Joe, that the nurses had asked if it would be ok, if the children came again to entertain the old people.

Sarah asked their permission, if they could come again.

Mama Rosa was smiling and beaming from ear to ear as she told Sarah, that of course the children would come again. Doctor Geno and his wife Margie waved them all good bye as they all headed back to the Down Town Care Home at the end of the day.

Toto the Angel Dog sat happily as he watched all the Angels of light flying around the room, beaming down their love and light to everyone gathered there.

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