Toto the Angel Dog and the Boys meet the Angels

Written by Aunty Betty, illustrated by Melanie McIntyre.

todo-part-2Toto was happy living in the shed at the back of the Down Town Care Home. Sarah had told all the other children about him and they had come to play with him every day. Joshua brought some food and water from the kitchen, when Mama Rosa was not there. Toto loved to eat all kinds of food and was always hanging around the kitchen watching Mama Rosa make the big meals for all the children and her husband Uncle Joe, as the children would call him.          

tara-and-her-guardian-angel_clip_image004_0002Mama Rosa was a great cook and could make any food taste wonderful. She was rather a large lady who liked to eat plenty of the cakes and buns she made herself, in the kitchen. Sometimes Joshua would give her a hand and be her assistant when she was making a cake for one of the children’s birthday. Most of all he liked to lick the big bowl, when Mama Rosa had finished mixing the cake and they had put it in the oven to cook, together. Joshua thought he might be a chef when he grew up. But he was only 8 years old, so for the time being he just enjoyed tasting all the nice food that Mama Rosa made.After a week of Toto sleeping in the shed at the bottom of the garden, Uncle Joe had discovered him there and brought him to meet Mama Rosa in the big house where all the children lived. ‘We can’t keep a dog in the house, it might not be hygienic and the children might be allergic to the dogs hairs’ Mama Rosa was always worrying about something. ‘But this is Toto the Angel Dog, he’s special and no one will mind his hairs’ Sarah was so protective of Toto and she loved him so much. Mama Rosa looked at Sarah’s kind face and saw the look on the other children’s faces. ‘Maybe he could stay for a while, until we find out who owns him, just for now’ Mama Rosa smiled as she rubbed Toto. ‘Woof…..Woof …..Woof…’ Toto was happy now. He was allowed to stay for a while longer and so he could get going on his secret mission to help the children learn about their own Guardian Angels and all the other Angels which were all around them. So a small bed was made from an old wooden box by Uncle Joe, and placed in the corner of the big kitchen, and Mama Rosa placed a worn blanket in it, for Toto to sleep on.  

tara-and-her-guardian-angel_clip_image006_0002The children were delighted with having a dog around and they all played together in the garden. Some of the children liked to go outside more than the others. Joshua didn’t really like to play football, he usually sat and watched them play ball.Mickey, one of the children was taller and quite thin for his age. He was nearly 9 years old and loved to play football. He loved all kinds of sports and was always playing sports but he loved football most of all. He had taught Toto how to follow and find a ball when he had kicked it far away. Toto the Angel Dog learned quickly and would follow him around the garden, chasing after the ball when Mickey had kicked it far away.  Toto would easily find the ball for Mickey and bark loudly, if it was a big ball and if it was a small tennis ball he would put it into his mouth and bring it right back to Mickey. Mickey would pat and rub Toto to encourage him. They had great fun together.  

tara-and-her-guardian-angel_clip_image008_0000Today Mickey was playing ball with the other boys who lived in the care home. Their names were Danny and Brian. Brian aged 6 was a happy boy with fuzzy, spiked hair. He talked a lot and he too liked playing outdoors. Danny was a bit younger, but didn’t speak very much. He was a quiet little boy, who was shy and didn’t do much talking. Danny liked to stroke Toto’s coat and enjoyed sitting beside Toto. It made Danny feel safe. He had always liked animals. Toto was barking loudly and running around enjoying playing outdoors with the children.All the boys were kicking ball to each other, at the end of the long garden at the back of the Care Home. Uncle Joe had cut the grass the day before and they thought they were playing football in a proper football pitch. ‘Woof …..Woof ….Woof…….’ Toto jumped around up and down, he was so excited wagging his tail. He thought it was time today to talk to the three boys about their Guardian Angels.The boys were kicking the ball to each other and then decided to have a rest. As they all sat there Toto settle himself as he sat there the ground beside them. ‘Woof…..Woof…..Woof    Do you know you all have your own Guardian Angels’ Toto the Angel Dog asked the boys. 

tara-and-her-guardian-angel_clip_image010Mickey looked surprised and asked Toto   ‘But you’re a dog….how come we can hear you talking?’  Mickey looked at the other boys in awe and full of surprise. ‘I’m Toto the Angel Dog….I’m on a secret mission here on Earth.  I’ve been sent down to you from Heaven…….Woof…..Woof…Woof’ Toto barked loudly. ‘It’s cool….imagine we can hear our dog talking to us……its magic’ Brian was laughing and felt so happy. His eyes were full of excitement, as he looked at the other boys. ‘The reason I’m here with you…is to talk to you all about your own Guardian Angels……Woof ….Woof……Woof…’   Toto barked. Danny didn’t say anything; he just smiled at Toto and nodded at him. ‘Ok lets meet our Angels… do we do it Toto? Mickey asked bravely, but he felt a bit nervous inside as he looked around at the other boys. ‘Woof…. Woof…Woof…..’ Toto jumped up and down and starting running around in a small circle full of excitement, as he barked loudly.The boys gathered around Toto full of excitement and a little bit nervous, but trying not to show it on their faces. ‘There’s no need to be afraid boys, lets all sit down quietly together and we can ask the Angels to be with us and  you can get to meet them,’ Toto said as he barked happily.The boys gathered around and Toto told them to sit down on the grass and close their eyes. They all sat down on the grass in a circle and crossed their legs. ‘Woof…….Woof…Woof ….now boys when you’re ready, just close your eyes and relax, I’m here beside you, so don’t worry….’ Toto was so happy as he watched the boys. ‘Will you be here too Toto……will you stay here with us all the time…’re not going to run away are you?’  Mickey said. ‘Woof …..Woof    ……I’ll be right here lads….just close your eyes ….everything is going to be great’   Toto was standing over the boys as they all sat there with their eyes closed. ‘Now… your hearts as you sit there and ask your own Guardian Angel to come to your side  and you will feel them near’  Toto explained.The boys sat there with their eyes closed, but Joshua had a quick peak and opened one eye to have a look around. Immediately Toto told him to close his eyes and concentrate. Joshua closed his eyes and just then the four amazing bright white lights appeared right before each one of the boys. Each one of the boys became aware of their own Guardian Angel standing just right beside them. They could sense the Angels standing behind each of their shoulders. Each boy could feel their Guardian Angels wings being wrapped around them as the Angels filled each one of the boys heart full of love. They sat there for a few minutes but it felt like a long time and Toto was delighted as he knew that each one of the boys was connecting to their own Angel in their own special and individual way.‘Touch your heart and you will know,
Your Guardian Angel loves you so’Toto whispered into each boy’s ear as he made his way around the small circle.

tara-and-her-guardian-angel_clip_image012‘Woof….Woof…..Woof…..’ Toto barked and began to run and jump as he ran around the boys as they sat on the grass.After a few minutes the boys opened their eyes. ‘That was amazing Toto’ Brian said as he looked around him. Each of the boys had opened their eyes and they all looked happy and brighter in their faces. ‘Yes boys…..each one of you has your own Guardian Angel who is by your side every side second of the day and night. All you have to do is ask your Angel for help and they are right there straight away to fill your hearts with more love and help you in every way…..’ Toto told the boys.He then taught the boys to sing a little song to help them remember to talk to their Guardian Angels every day. It went like this:‘Touch your heart and you will know,

Your Guardian Angel loves you so’ They all sang it together. ‘Great Toto’ Danny said out loud as he smiled and ran to a big hug to Toto. ‘Ya your right Danny, it was great’ Mickey was thrilled to hear Danny speaking and looking so happy. ‘Thanks …Toto’ Brian said. ‘Ya thanks Toto……can you help us to talk to our Angels again sometime?’   

Joshua asked Toto. ‘Woof….Woof….Woof….sure can……we can do the same thing again tomorrow and then you can learn to talk to your Angel yourself without my help,’ Toto was delighted.The boys could hear Mama Rosa calling them for their tea and they knew it was time to go back to the house. ‘Ok boys….lets go and have our tea that Mama Rosa has made for us. But remember we can do this again and again. And ……..your Guardian Angel loves you….always… Woof….Woof….Woof.’ Toto barked happily as he and the boys all ran towards the house together for their tea.

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