Toto the Angel Dog

Written by Auntie Betty.

Toto-PICTURE-1The two Angels sat looking down from Heaven, as they sat on a big fat puffy white cloud. ‘Got to help those kids’ one of them said out loud, as he scattered white feathers down through the sky. ‘How can we, got any ideas?’ Angel Bertie looked towards the other.

‘Besides those white feathers, that’s enough feathers for one day Jonathon’

Toto-PICTURE-2‘Ok, ok Bertie…..well the only one thing for it …is to send down Toto , the Angel Dog down to earth, again’ Angel Jonathon exclaimed . ‘But I love him so, I really miss him when he’s gone on his adventures to Earth’ said Bertie. ‘I know. So do I, but he is needed again, especially at the Down Town Care Home where those children are. They need help to learn how to talk to their Guardian Angels every day. Toto can help them to hear their Angels talking to them’ he said. ‘Alright Jonathon, but I do hope he comes back to us soon, he’s such an amazing dog and he does really love those missions to Earth’ Bertie said. ‘He’ll be back in no time….now here he comes, lets tell him about his latest mission’ Jonathon smiled and beamed at Toto as he appeared.

Toto-PICTURE-3‘Woof Woof….hi guys….you called,’ Toto the Angel dog appeared out of magic and sat next to them on another white cloud.

‘Where’s my mission this time?’ he said to Angel Jonathon. ‘Hi Toto,  you’re needed down on Earth at the children’s Care Home, called Down Town Care Centre, here’s all the details’ Jonathon handed Toto a scroll and placed it under the dogs collar.

‘You can read all the instructions while you fly down to meet them. It has all the children’s names and ages and the names of their own Guardian Angels. Your mission is to help them get to know their Guardian Angel’

‘OK … Woof …Woof….job done…..leave it with me…. Toto the Angel Dog….you know me… job to big or too small…..see you Boys when I get back….Woof …Woof’ Toto barked and flew off down towards Earth. ‘Be careful boy…’ cried Angel Bertie after him. ‘Don’t let those humans upset you too much, we’re right here waiting and watching and will send you lots of love and light on your adventures. ‘Woof …  Woof…..don’t worry so much Bertie….I’ll keep you posted….Woof…. Woof,’ and with that he was gone out of sight. A group of smaller Angels carried Toto on the cloud down to Earth and left him right in the back garden of the Down Town Care Centre. They then flew with the cloud back up to the sky towards Heaven.

Toto-PICTURE-4‘Let the mission begin…..Woof ……Woof ‘Toto barked into the air loudly. One of the girls who lived in the Care home called Sarah was sitting on the grass, in the garden making daisy chains and saw Toto standing there.

‘Hello Mr Doggie’ Sarah said as she patted Toto’s head. ‘Hello Sarah….Woof ……Woof’   Toto barked. ‘How do you know my name…?  And Dogs cant talk….!!!’ Sarah was so shocked and surprised. ‘But I’m Toto the Angel Dog and us dogs can talk…..we just don’t need words like you humans…..’ Toto jumped up and down playfully. ‘What are you doing here? Where do you live? Who owns you?’ Sarah asked all the questions quickly in a row, she was so excited at being able to talk to a dog. ‘Woof ….Woof….well I’ll tell you a secret,  I’m on a secret mission from Heaven to help all the children here in the Care Home to talk to their Guardian Angels every day… you want to help me?   Woof… Woof’ Toto looked at Sarah. ‘Yes I would love to help you but ……what’s a Guardian Angel?’ Sarah was puzzled. ‘Every person has their own Guardian Angel with them for all the time they are here on Earth. Every time a baby is born, the babies Guardian Angel comes here to Earth to help them for all of their lives’   Toto told Sarah. ‘Do I have a Guardian Angel?’ Sarah asked Toto. ‘Woof ….Woof…..of course you do…..everyone has….do you want to learn a happy song and meet your Guardian Angel?  Woof …Woof….’ Toto was running around the garden in a circle with excitement and barking loudly. ‘Yes please Toto…..please show me…..please teach me the happy song’ Sarah smiled excitedly. Toto sat down and nodded for Sarah to kneel down beside him on the grass. Sarah sat down and looked at Toto as she waited.  Toto then lifted his paw and put it onto Sarah’s chest and said ‘Now close your eyes Sarah and say… Touch your heart and you will know,Your Guardian Angel loves you so’   Toto moved his paw down to the ground and watched as Sarah closed her eyes and said out loud. ‘Touch your heart and you will know,Your Guardian Angel loves you so’ As Sarah said the words, she could feel this warm fuzzy feeling start in her tummy and then it moved to all over her body. Although she had her eyes closed, she could see this bright white light all around her head. She felt like the sun was shining all over her body, even though it was a cloudy day outside. Out of nowhere she heard this voice say to her ‘I love you Sarah and I am always by your side, just ask and I can help you everyday’ Sarah knew this was her own Guardian Angel talking to her. Sarah kept her eyes closed and she could feel Toto sitting beside her, as he watched over her. ‘What’s your name Guardian Angel?’ Sarah asked.

Toto-PICTURE-5‘My name is Trisha…..I love you Sarah’   Sarah’s Guardian Angel whispered into her ear. ‘I love you too Trisha….. and I will talk to you every day….I will say my prayer to you……

Touch your heart and you will know Your Guardian Angel loves you so………..I am so excited….thanks Trisha……..’

Sarah was smiling as she opened her eyes. ‘Woof    Woof……that was great Sarah……well done……Woof …Woof’ Toto jumped up and down and started to race around the garden barking loudly with happiness.

‘Oh Toto …..thank you so much……I’ve met my Guardian Angel and her name is Trisha……..……I feel so happy…..thanks….oh its feels so good…I am going to talk to her every single day from now on ….’

Sarah was rubbing Toto and jumping up and down. ‘Will you help me with the other children who live here in the Care Home……Woof …..Woof?’  Toto stopped and looked directly at Sarah. ‘Of course I will help you…..’

Sarah’s eyes were shining brightly ‘You can live in the shed while you stay here on your secret mission. We’ll work together and in no time at all, the other children who live here will all meet and get to know their own Guardian Angels.

Toto-PICTURE-6We can show them how’ she said. ‘ Woof ….Woof….that’s great……lets have some fun and play together while you tell me their names…..Woof ….Woof’  Toto ran off down the garden and Sarah ran after him. They began playing, jumping and rolling around on the grass, as they made plans for new adventures together.

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