Toto the Angel Dog’s Beach Adventures

Written by Aunty Betty, illustrated by Melanie McIntyre.

toto-the-angel-dogs-beach-adventures_clip_image002Uncle Joe and Mama Rosa had organised and planned everything. Everyone was going to have a wonderful day out at the beach, which was just a few miles away from the Down Town Care Home, where they all lived.

All the children had packed their swim suits, buckets and spades and could hardly sleep the night before with excitement.

Mama Rosa had packed a huge picnic for everyone to share on the beach.

Uncle Joe had borrowed his brother Rob’s mini bus and they even had room to fit in Toto, the Angel Dog, to come on their adventure day to the beach.

At last they set off from the care home. They sang songs together, with Mama Rosa helping them along with the songs as they made their way to the beach.        
toto-the-angel-dogs-beach-adventures_clip_image004When they got there, the children all helped Mama Rosa by carrying the picnic and the towels to a sheltered spot right up on the sand dunes. The boys Joshua, Mickey, Danny and Brian couldn’t wait to play football with the big beach ball they had with them. Uncle Joe carried the deck chairs and organised their things all around.

The children all ran off, together with Toto the Angel Dog, running and jumping following them.            

‘Don’t go too far…..stay here were we can see you’ Mama Rosa said.

‘Just there is far enough’ Uncle Joe said, as he could see all the children from where he and Mama Rosa sat on their deck chairs. 

toto-the-angel-dogs-beach-adventures_clip_image005Toto and the children were all playing on the beach. The boys were busy kicking a football to each other, while the girls, Emma and Sarah had started to make a big sandcastle with their buckets and spades. Toto barked loudly with delight as he saw the children laughing and enjoying their day out together on the beach.

Mama Rosa and Uncle Joe were sitting on their deck chairs and were starting to doze off for a little sleep while they sat there in the sunshine.

‘Don’t go too far away children and watch out for each other’ Mama Rosa called out to the children.

‘We will all eat the picnic together in a while’ she called out to them. ‘Don’t fuss dear…..let the children enjoy themselves….they are fine…..’Uncle Joe reassured Mama Rosa.

‘Why don’t you have a little sleep there in your chair and I’ll watch out for them’ he said.  
toto-the-angel-dogs-beach-adventures_clip_image007Alright dear……I am rather tired……think I’ll close my eyes for just a few minutes’ she said. Mama Rosa’s eyes were heavy and as she lay back in her chair and fell asleep very quickly.

Toto the Angel dog barked and ran around in circles.

‘Hey children……shall we go on an adventure under the sea?’ Toto spoke to the children. ‘Woof…..Woof……Woof… Woof.

‘But how can we go under the sea Toto….what about Uncle Joe ….wont he be watching us?’ Sarah asked the Angel Dog.

‘Yes he is watching us …..But leave that to me……you gather the boys up and wait here with Emma…..Woof….   Woof….Woof.’ And with that he was running up to Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe loved to rub Toto’s back and really enjoyed having the dog around. As Uncle Joe petted Toto, Toto worked his magic and Uncle Joe’s eyes became heavy and he couldn’t help himself, but to sit back in his chair and close his eyes. In a minute he was fast asleep. Toto ran back to all the children, now that Sarah had gathered them all around in a circle.

toto-the-angel-dogs-beach-adventures_clip_image009‘Now kids….let’s all go together on an under water adventure with our Angels……’ Toto the Angel Dog said to the children. The children all sat down on the sand in a circle, as Toto instructed them and then they all closed their eyes.

‘Now we can ask our Guardian Angels to be with us and protect us as we go on our adventure together … Woof ….Woof…..Woof’. Toto barked loudly.

The children all sat around in a circle and Toto saw they all had their eyes closed, as he had asked. As they sat there, each one of the children became aware of a beautiful white light shinning right beside them. They each could feel love flowing from this white light to their hearts. Each of the children became aware that they were filled with love and the feeling of being minded or taken care of.

toto-the-angel-dogs-beach-adventures_clip_image011‘Thanks angels……now that you are protecting the children…..lets all go on the adventure under the sea and meet the dolphins there.’

Toto the Angel dog spoke to the other Angels who were there in a huge circle of light surrounding the small group, as they sat there on the sand. All of sudden the children were being transported on a magic carpet, still in the circle together, with lots of beautiful Angels flying by their side. Toto was sitting in the middle of the magic carpet and was smiling to himself.

‘This is our amazing adventure together’ Toto said to the children who were all thrilled and laughing with excitement.

The magic carpet moved up from the sand and into the sky. It moved far out over the sea and then in a flash of light, the children found themselves under the sea, in the magical world in the ocean. They all sat together holding hands as Toto the Angel Dog  and the other Angels moved the magic carpet and it glided through the sea.

The children could see beautiful coloured fish with their babies who came to swim beside them and say hello.  

toto-the-angel-dogs-beach-adventures_clip_image013This is amazing Toto….where are we?’ Sarah asked.

‘Relax and enjoy this magic adventure Sarah……here we are…….now meet Mrs Dolphin and her babies…..Woof….Woof…Woof.’ Toto barked loudly.            

‘Hello Toto…..have your brought some lovely children to meet me and my family?’ Mrs Dolphin asked him.

‘Yes Mrs Dolphin ……we are the children from the Down Town Care Home and we have come on an ocean adventure……will you show us around?  Toto said.

‘Sure thing……just follow me and my family’ with that Mrs Dolphin and her five little babies began to swim in front of the magic carpet. Out of nowhere appeared a whole pod of dolphins and they all swam around the children on the magic carpet.

The dolphins were giggling and splashing about; they were so thrilled to see nice human children with their Guardian Angels beside them.

The children were amazed and sat there as the dolphins brought them through the ocean and told them all about the fish that live there. They saw Mr Whale, as he and his family swam by and then Mrs Dolphin and her babies brought them along a big coral reef full of coloured fish of all shapes and sizes. The children couldn’t believe their eyes and amazed at what they saw. ‘It’s time to go now children….say thank you to Mrs Dolphin and her family for showing us her world’ Toto told the children.

They all thanked Mrs Dolphin and especially her babies, as she splashed up and down with excitement.

‘Good bye children and Toto…..don’t forget to keep talking to your Guardian Angels every day….they are always by your side……….see you next time..’ Mrs Dolphin said as she and her family all swam off into the sea.

‘Let’s all go back now and have our picnic…….’ Toto the Angel Dog said.    
toto-the-angel-dogs-beach-adventures_clip_image015With that there was a flash of white light and the children all found themselves sitting back on the beach in a circle. They slowly opened their eyes and each looked around.

‘Now children …..Let’s go back up to Mama Rosa and Uncle Joe to have our picnic.  ‘What happened Toto……were we all asleep on the beach or did we go on an adventure in the Ocean?’ Joshua.

‘I thought there were lots of Angels around us and we were on a magic carpet?’ Sarah was rubbing her eyes and all the children were awake now and standing around Toto.

‘We did go on an adventure children and yes the Angels were with us protecting us all the time……’

Toto barked with excitement and ran around the children in a circle.

‘Lets just say that we all went on the adventure together in our minds…..and we will go again….next time… come on….Woof…..Woof…..Woof……lets go and have our picnic……and remember children…..the Angels always love you..’ Toto was so happy. He knew that he and the children would have more adventures together soon.

All the children ran along side Toto the Angel dog as they made their way up to Mama Rosa and Uncle Joe, who had just woke up from their naps and calling them to have their picnic together on the rugs.  

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