Hello Diana,

I am on the transplant list as I have liver cancer, it is not something I really want, however my grandson needs me here. In your book Angel Answers you convey a very negative view of transplantation. Can you or the Angels offer any words of support in this time of crisis for me?

All the best


Hello Michele,

Firstly, let go of any judgement about wanting to have a transplant to be here for your grandson. Angels do not judge us so why do we judge ourselves? What I would suggest is that you let go of any fear that your grandson will not be looked after if you are not here – see him being loved and cared for instead, this is much more powerful. The most important thing for you at the moment is to focus on yourself physically and emotionally. Surrender to the universe and tell it that you trust the outcome of your journey here and you will feel a big weight being lifted off your shoulders. Continue to talk your angels as they are listening and are close.

Penny Wing

Master Teacher
Diana Cooper Foundation