Unicorn and Archangel Gems

Zoom Workshop Recording

Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, diamonds and pearls are the physicalised energy of the Archangels.  For example a sapphire holds Archangel Michael’s light with the energy of the red, blue and gold rays that create its deep blue frequency .  Ancient kings and Pharaohs used to wear jewels intentionally to enable them to connect to celestial beings and harness their power and wisdom. 

We have now moved to a level higher.  I am so excited that the archangels have suggested we are ready to embrace the higher etheric frequency of these gems.  They will enable us to work with them up to a 9th dimensional frequency.  The sapphire, emerald, ruby and diamond contain facets that cut away old unwanted patterns and energies so that we can access concentrated angelic qualities at a much higher frequency. 

The pearl is different.  It is an Orb carrying the frequency of Archangels Christiel and Joules.  Both of these angels flow with Christ light.

Now the unicorns have agreed to add their pure white light, so that it flows through the etheric gems and through you.   The energy is awesome. 

They have given me several different ways to work with these archangel gems, so that you can experience them and create them for yourself.  We will use them for healing and activating archangel qualities in you and also in service to illuminate people, places and situations in need.

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