Where are my Angels?

Good morning Diana,

I am writing from Cape Town South Africa,asking for your Divine help as I don’t know where else to go.I have lead a very challenging and hard life as a single mother to two children-with no support from anyone, except a good friend.I once had a reading with Misa Hopskins-I am sure you know her and she told me my life promise was to ensure that there was peace and happiness wherever I was and with whom ever I met-to ensure joy, happiness and peace everywhere I could.

However I had also taken on more karma in this life time that any one soul should be expected to deal with and to resolve.Everyday I have worked with the knowledge that the angels and source would never let me down and even in my darkest hours,when I really thought my children and I would end up on the street,they would come through at the 23rd hour.I also got messages from should that have passed on to give to their loved ones and messages from the angels that they needed me to tell or help somebody for whatever reason.

Two years ago I was offered a career promotion that would finally allow me to be able to pay off my debt,get rid of all my financial court judgements and provide my children and myself with a life filled with security and peace I prayed about it and asked for guidance as it was a big move for me and my children to make with their education and the costs involved.I asked my children and they said yes too.I moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town and after only being here for 3 months the company retrenched me.I was devastated but never gave up faith and firmly believed that when I asked my angels told me to stay in Cape Town,as this is where I should be and I will be looked after.

I am now 2 years later, still without any form of income and my house in Jhb wont sell and for a reason I cannot fathom, I feel like Source and my Angels don’t hear me anymore or are punishing me-for what I don’t know. I know I decided to clear a lot of my Karma in this life time and boy have I from childhood and the mother and upbringing I endured,to a abusive marriage and then as a sole parent to my greatest gifts from Source.I don’t regret one moment-although having someone with me to help and love me would have been good.

My problem now is that I have read all your books and the one on Spiritual laws I have re-read twice in the past month and do it continuously everyday,at least one chapter.I follow a life that doesn’t judge others or hurt others and I help whenever I can-animals and human alike. I have not found a new job,for no valid reason I keep being rejected and I even tried to start my own business…not 1 client has come.I pray and repeat my affirmation hourly, not daily…and still nothing.

Please help me to find out why I cannot hear the angels or Source anymore and why they have left me alone?If I don’t get an income now my children,animals and I will end up on the street!I haven’t paid even my rent this month and other bills and am back in debt-the lawyers letters have started.Please Diana be my go-between and ask what I must do, please help me-I and my children are deserving people and we deserve a life of love,peace,harmony and joy.Financial freedom would also be amazing,as I am weary and if it is still Karma, even generational-please approach the Arch angels on mine and my children’s behalf for us to be released in this life time.They too are having to fight for everything they deserve,for what they have dreamed of becoming as a profession and again they are great children of Source-sadly they have watched my desperation and faith this time and with no result and they are angry and resentful, as they feel it is unfair and that as I have taught them you reap what you sow…and we all genuinely reap goodness,love,joy and hard work.I pray you will assist me and my family and animals, as I needed help a long time ago. Why are they not helping me – I am not asking for anything that isn’t the greatest good of all concerned…which is me and my children.If I only had the means,I would as my children would;open the hearts and eyes of the world to what is needed and done.

Light,Love and Blessings Tammy

Dear Tammy,

I am sorry you are having a challenging time at the moment. It is very easy to feel as if we have been abandoned by our angels and guides when things are very tough. It feels as if you need to change the energy around your situation as how you are dealing with life at the moment is not working? I would start by focusing on gratitude – listing what you DO have, the love of your family, your pets, your health and so on, using positive affirmations every day and speaking as if you already have what you want, a wonderful mantra is “everything is perfect” – even if you don’t feel it initially as you keep saying it you will start to feel it and things will start to shift. Tell the universe you SURRENDER and TRUST that it will look after you and your family. Finally LOVE IT RIGHT don’t FIGHT IT RIGHT…the more you push and resist what is happening the more you will hook into it and it will keep you there. I do appreciate it is very easy for me to say all this to you but Tammy start to change the energy from fear to LOVE and things will start to improve.

Good luck!

Penny Wing
Master Teacher Diana Cooper Foundation

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